Democratic Underground

It Can't Happen Here
December 3, 2001
by Pamela Troy

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When things get dark and scary
I donít give in to fear.
I think of what someone once said
In a book I havenít read
By whatís-his-name (heís probíly dead.)
"It Canít Happen Here."

He must have been a wise man Ė
A 1930s seer.
Back then when the whole world shook
Frightened folks had but to look
And read the title of his book:
It Canít Happen Here.

Now in this time of trouble
We have to make it clear
That though most of us might have meant
To cast votes for that other gent
Bush really IS our President
Cause It Canít Happen Here.

Sure, weíve locked up some foreigners
And while it may appear
Theyíre being held in secrecy
From lawyers, friends and family
Itís just protective custody
Cause It Canít Happen Here.

If we want information
That they wonít share from sheer
Ignorance or audacity
Weíll ship them someplace where theyíll be
Treated with less gentility
(See? It Canít Happen HERE.)

And as for our own criminals
Who want a lawyerís ear,
Theyíll think twice before they sin!
How can lawbreakers ever win
When the DA can listen in?
No, It Canít Happen Here.

But still, there are non-patriots
Who only live to sneer.
And if our hearts are brave and stout
Weíll make a list and soon drive out
Anyone who dares to doubt
That It Canít Happen Here.

I keep a copy with me.
I always have it near.
Though my edition isnít new
The coverís in Red White and Blue
So what it tells me must be true.
It Canít Happen Here.