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Dirty Laundry (With Apologies to Don Henley)
December 1, 2001
by John Larson

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Here I am at work and it turns out that some sort of turmoil is going to undermine job security at the place I've been employed at for almost two-and-a-half years. Once I heard however that it was initially reported by MSNBC, I just turned my nose away from the stench of bad journalism.

I knew that this would just be another one of those articles the news throws around with little or no substance, especially the financial sections that I have little or no use for anymore. I would think that Madame Cleo would have a better record predicting market conditions than any of these so-called financial analysts.

Of course that isn't the only report made under false assumptions or pretense. AP once reported that Bob Hope had died and the announcement was even made on Capitol Hill of his passing before it could be verified accurately.

I wasn't surprised in either case — the deterioration of journalistic integrity is an inevitable side effect when news organizations decide to take a decidedly partisan slant. That's when people — readers, viewers, and listeners alike — start to have the lie-detectors go off.

Or at least they should. News organizations in general have taken it upon themselves to draw conclusions for people whenever they have decided to bring anything worthwhile to the presses or to the TV screen. But in these modern times people are left with the growing burden of refuting said conclusions just to get a balanced perspective-kind of like drawing their own conclusions in reverse.

I haven't had the need to read the paper or turn on the TV for national news in the last three years except for September 11th. I remembered why because the fires in New York were quite literally still burning when pundits decided to irresponsibly deride Clinton for what happened. I turned off the volume and just let the pictures give me their thousand words instead.

I just rely on the Internet to see what's happening since I know I'll be able to find an article relatively void of headlines spun from the usual right-wing tapestry. More importantly I have a voice to respond with.

The media organizations that rely on TV and print more and more resemble mouthpieces since their so-called messages are only brought in one way. And like it or not they will become even more limited as the Internet continues to grow as a massive communications forum as a result of the Grapevine Effect.

People more and more are growing annoyed with the coverage that is provided these days and the lack thereof. To borrow something from Don Henley, "The Bubble-Headed Beach Blonde" who tells us about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye just isn't to be trusted.

Clinton bashing, bashing of Greens and Dems, spreading rumors about dead entertainers who aren't dead, and layoffs that won't happen aren't really articles for news. They're just articles of dirty laundry. Let's all just stop watching the news and start reading it online since the news organizations decided long ago that listening was totally bad for business.

And let's just stop indulging these people whenever they decide we would like nothing more than to have them air out someone's else's dirty laundry.