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So Much for 2001
November 30, 2001
by The (Original) Die Hard

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The 21st century was supposed to be the dawning of a bright new era. Instead, it is a throwback to the worst of dark secrets, evil oppressions, witch-hunting hate, and outright lies in our history. The next few months may break us from within, not from any puny terrorist nonsense, but from the despair of watching everything our nation fought for crushed under the iron hand of a greedy, bigoted, selfish, cowardly, bullying, and treasonous would-be oligarch empire.

You cannot sustain an economy by stealing from the poor and further enriching the wealthy. You cannot increase spending by giving more money to people who already have more than they know what to do with. You cannot have a product without producers, nor buyers without a population which can afford to buy. Yet workers are downgraded and laid off while corporate welfare "bailouts" for CEOs steal money for schools and retirement and disaster relief. Fat cats belly up to the illegally appointed resident for even bigger handouts while the rest of us are being told to turn off our heaters and cut back on food in order to line the pockets of the already-wealthy.

The illiterate drunk is on his fortieth vacation, napping while photo-ops are set up and his daughters get falling-down drunk. His fawning sycophants exhort us to believe "what a great country this is," while dissenters are arrested and disappeared by the "watch what you say" Gestapo in the name of a faked-up, all-secret "war." Billionaires quietly tell the "lawmakers" they own that there's no need to pay someone a living wage to do slave labor when people are starving in the streets and will be happy to take whatever crumbs are tossed to them - after all, owning slaves is the dream of no-class thieves who need to prove their "superiority" and "prosperity" without actually being able to do anything.

Flags are advertised everywhere while the basis of honoring them, the unique Constitution of our country, is being used for toilet paper by psychotic neo-nazi losers illegally appointed by a dimwitted drunk. Religion is touted as a panacea for all the ills born of general disgust with our unequal justice under one name, and despised as a heinous crime under a slightly different name. We are told that we must "patriotically" give up the freedoms and rights our grand- and great-grandparents fought and died for, in order to be "safe" - told this heinous lie by the same people who have not only proven that they can't keep us safe, who have taken extraordinary measures to keep themselves safe but pay millions to their minions to divert attention from the fact that they have no interest in keeping the rest of us "peons" safe, because it might cost them a dime of profit or a vote against their power.

What does it take, America? How long can you angrily wave your stupid, meaningless flags at stone-age third-world countries, while ignoring home-grown dictators who have slimed that flag and everything it stands for? When will you realize that your indignant blathering about freedom and democracy means nothing when our own unelected oligarchs have stolen it right here at home? How many more of your and your family's hopes and livelihoods must be destroyed, how many more insults must you suffer, how many more rights must you lose, before you WAKE UP?

The bought-and-sold make-up media, with their own fortunes at stake, gloss over the crimes of the treasonous illegal administration, feeding you a false lullaby while the ground crumbles beneath you. You cannot, must not, trust their sound-bite assurances. You must make the effort to face the hard facts, learn the difficult truths. You must demand action against the evil: investigation, impeachment, a public trial where all the wrongs done to us become common knowledge. If every detail of the Clintons' personal private positions in bed justified hundreds of millions of dollars and eight years of insane prosecution, then how much more important is it to find and root out the filth rotting away our core of democracy?

Those who founded our country, who risked torture and execution and sacrificed everything they had for our freedom, did not do so for the comfort and greed of the privileged and powerful hate-spewing few. They did not endure pain and death so that we could be a country of complacent sheep under unquestioned masters. We dishonor the memory of those who gave us what we have by letting lying incompetent greedy bigots sit in our seat of government and steal everything they worked so hard to give us.

Get up. Demand the truth. Spit on the lulling lies of the comfortable liars. Speak out against the silver-tongued traitors trying to enslave you. Take action. And take off those cheap damn stupid hypocritical fluttering flags until you by-the-Constitution EARN one.