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Hey Ann! Bill Asked About You...
November 24, 2001
by Quene Kimber

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Every time I see or read something by Ann "non sequitur" Coulter - and you must realize that everything she talks/writes about is her unadulterated (and un-adult behavior) hatred for Bill Clinton - I just have to shake my head and turn the page/channel. Talk about TIME TO MOVE ON, GIRLY! HE'LL NEVER BE YOURS! Clinton bashing is so over it's not funny. The American people obviously moved on long before she and those of her ilk got the message.

Is it me, or does Ann act like a jilted girlfriend whose only mission in life is to stalk the guy she had a secret crush on who didn't give her any play? Perhaps she's really mad that he didn't "tap that ass" - I'm glad to see that he has SOME taste.

So she scans the papers for "Bill - I love you so, I always will," figuring out that day's stalking strategy, working herself up into a lather when she finds a positive article written about Clinton. And like Mount Vesuvius, her mind explodes in an unacknowledged rage at the nerve of him being in the paper and she wasn't invited to attend his speech; all sense and decorum flies forth and incinerates before finally crashing to earth. Let's face it: if it wasn't for Bill Clinton, she would still be prosecuting jay walkers. Or whatever it was she did.

She raises as her standard all the charges on which Ken Starr and his minions tried to get Clinton, but in the end didn't, her lozenge being the failed articles of impeachment. Her bending of not only the truth, but the well documented history of how this nation really came about shows that she has lost grip with the reality all of us are living in; and there she goes, wandering alone in her own stupor-generated haze, the silence deafening til she screeches her new litany of accusations against the former president.

There have been numerous accusations leveled at Clinton's speech which have subsequently been publicly retracted because they took what Clinton said so far out of context, they had to write a new zip code. They were out and out lies. If any English-understanding person read the text of Clinton's speech in its entirety, there is no way one could walk away thinking:

1) his comments about the Native American experience were akin to what Jerry Falwell said, and to which Pat Robertson concurred on first blush (to later be pseudo-retracted when he came as close to himself as he's going to get in this orbit) about us being to blame for "God's Wrath."

2) "The puritans were noble." There is nothing noble about the puritans. They were a divisive and extremist sect of the protestant Anglican faith who were not satisfied with the middle of the road approach to religion that King James I took when he came to the throne of England. They were involved in many civil and Parliamentary skirmishes during the reigns of Great Bess, James I and his son, Charles I due to their insistence to conform the National Church of England (of which the monarch was the head) to the word of God in worship, government and religious practice. They wanted strict, literal interpretation of the bible as public policy in spite of the crown. (Can you say "Taliban and Islam?") That's like the extreme fundamentalist Christian right attempting to usurp the Constitution and Bill of Rights because it was too secular for their tender sensibilities - wait! Isn't that what's going on now?

3) Terrorist activities = Clinton's alleged "crimes." What do four airplanes flying into structures (or maneuvered into the ground) have to do with what Clinton was accused of, but was never found guilty? Talk about not letting go. Ann is on her knees being dragged by her inability to disengage her teeth from Clinton's backside - and I'll bet her knees are a bloody mess by now.

4) The only reason why Clinton won't "go away" is because Ann won't let him go. If she did, she'd have no reason to exist in the arena of mass media. She'd have to go back to prosecuting jay walkers. No money in that. So, if she can't have him, no one will rest until he is hers, finally.

Ann "non sequitur" Coulter is just jealous that Clinton doesn't acknowledge her pitiful existence. She is a screaming harridan; argumentative and incapable of the very adult, mannered behavior of shutting up and listening. It is embarrassing to watch her. It'd probably be different if she really had something to say besides "I want Bill Clinton to notice me!!!!"