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They Call That a Win? I Call it a Crime!
November 19, 2001
by Purely Gorista

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You've heard it already - the spin (or, if you prefer, lies) from the media about George Bush's "victory" in Florida, according to the results of the finally-released NORC recount. "Ballots Still Say Bush," "Bush Still Wins," "Judges Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote," etc., shout the headlines.

What lies. What bald-faced lies.

The media have lied to the country about this story. However, their lie is sloppy and indefensible, because - get this - they gave the lie away. Yes, in later paragraphs of their stories, the lie is revealed. Instead of simply sticking with their pro-Bush headlines, the media contradicted themselves. In each and every article on the mainstream news sites, there is a section that states that Al Gore won Florida if "all legal votes were counted."

Wait just a second. I thought that this was America, where if a vote was legal, it was to be counted. And to not count a legal vote was a crime. Now, who exactly is responsible for this crime, which is voter fraud? We must begin with the Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Rehnquist, Thomas, Kennedy, and O'Connor. Next in line are Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, and others within the Florida government. Then come the members of the infamous Miami Mob, who intimidated vote counters into stopping their work. Next we have the members of the Bush campaign who got election officials to throw out legal Gore votes and count illegal Bush votes, such as votes from military officers who voted more than once and knew it.

Because legal votes were purposely not included in the tallies, a crime was committed, and those responsible for it are criminals. The media portray George Bush as a winner in their headlines and then go on to imply that the Bush campaign - and therefore the administration - are criminals.

However, of course, the pro-Republican media won't come out and call the Bush people criminals. No, they will blame Gore's "defeat" on his campaign and/or legal strategy. I have written on my website about the unnecessary and easily defeated argument that Gore "lost" because of bad lawyers who couldn't outmaneuver the Bush gang, but I will say it again. Al Gore's legal team did not cost him the Presidency because they didn't stoop to the level of criminal actions and immature, neofascist behavior that the Bush team did. Al Gore is not President now because the Bush team performed said criminal actions, as the American media say - but don't say outright.

Instead the media say that Bush would have won under most "partial counts." And there you have it. He was awarded Florida last year based on a partial count. He remained ahead of Al Gore throughout the counting procedures because they were in progress - partial counts. You can name anyone a winner if you don't look at the entire results. Pat Buchanan won Florida if you count only certain votes in Palm Beach County. Partial results do not a winner make.

What we are seeing now is the true winner of last year's election being laughed at, criticized for the actions of others, and dubbed a loser, while the true loser of last year's election is being named the winner when the best name for him is criminal.