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My Letter From Al Gore
November 17, 2001
by Crewleader

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To my many DU Friends, I have been away because of my illness but wanted to share this with you all the letter I recently received from Al Gore.

This past summer I started a discussion thread in the DU Forums titled "Who here is for Al Gore?" Well I had over 50 responses, and with that I packaged it up and sent it to Gore. That was about two weeks before 9/11. I didn't think I'd hear anything because of the the timing.

Well, I want to inform you that he has written to me, and I would like to share his thoughts with everyone here at DU. I think he will run in 2004, and he has my support all the way! Here it is:

November 7, 2001

Dear Crewleader,

I am overwhelmed by the many cards and letters of appreciation Tipper and I have received, and I am truly grateful for your support and friendship and am pleased to enclose an autographed photo for your son.

I am proud of our accomplishments during the eight years it was my privilege to serve as Vice President and my sixteen years of service in Congress. We brought about changes needed to make America a better place to live. Now, in addition to teaching and writing a book with Tipper, I am focusing my efforts on helping Democratic candidates who are seeking election in 2002 through a political action committee I have formed called Leadership '02. I believe the election of Democrats at all levels of government will help Americans in the areas they care most most about—education, economic prosperity, and environmental protection.

Of course, our national security must remain paramount and Democratic Congress would work closely in a bipartisan manner with the President to ensure that America remains safe and secure against all threats.

Your support for Leadership'02 will help all of us attain our vision for an America that is prosperous, secure and free.

Again, my thanks for your friendship and for caring.


Al Gore

Many Thanks! (hand written)