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The Lessons of Limbaugh
November 13, 2001
by Ken Alford

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There was a time when liberals ranted about how unbalanced and unfair it was for Rush Limbaugh and his far-right brethren to control the national media. Limbaugh always responded that he was providing the "balance" to the so-called "liberal media." But suddenly we are all being asked to support their ideas and their agendas, because we are at war.

Karl Rove and his provocateurs are on their way to Hollywood to talk to those that control what we may see on TV and at the movies in the months and years ahead. They wish for all of us to be more patriotic. They wish for the media to change the reality of the movie we have seen played out on our TV screens since September 11th. They no longer wish for "reality" TV. Give us all rose-colored glasses.

But we still have patriots amongst us. They refuse to submit to the lies and the propaganda put forth by this illegitimate administration that has taken a tragedy of immense, immeasurable proportion and has attempted to dispense with our civil rights and human rights in their battle against terrorism. There is no doubt in our minds that we can kill more of the "enemy" than they can of us. That is not how we define a victory nor how we define justice.

We will continue to criticize these leaders so long as we are able. We cannot follow the banner of Fox News or CNN as they wave the flag and praise the new found leadership skills of George W. Bush. We hear him talk about trust and bipartisanship and unity as he hides all public records of his and his father's public service from we, the people. Do not ask us for trust when you cannot trust us with the information that the law requires you to provide, Mr. pResident!

So Fox News and CNN and the others can make the decision to only report what the White House provides them, if they wish. We here will report the facts and the stories that we feel are important and will continue to remind the American people that we are fighting a war with an illegitimate government and a hijacked Presidency. This is the truth from which we report.

Therefore Rush Limbaugh and the others can provide whatever information they wish. They can demand that all the media be "patriotic". They can request that they all wear American flag lapel pins. We will provide the other side of the story. We are the "balance."

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