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Build a Maginot Line in the Sky (and other ways Bush can balance isolationism with trillion dollar tax cuts and a "War on Terrorism")
November 10, 2001
by Ted Westervelt

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There may be a war going on, but President Bush still needs to do government on the cheap. He wants to pull back from what he sees as over-extensions of the United States in the global community and limit the role of the federal government in our lives so that he can deliver on trillion-dollar tax cuts and billion-dollar corporate tax breaks that are coming down the pike from the Republican House

Here's a sneak preview of how the plan fits together.

First, in the battle for homeland security, sacrifice individual rights whenever possible. It is far cheaper to allow the justice department freer reign in electronic eavesdropping, and to turn a blind eye toward racial profiling and torture in this time of war than to spend money on efforts to provide real security. For instance, assigning government forces the full time responsibility of providing comprehensive federal security at airports is just too darn cumbersome. It works real well for the White House, but, gosh darn it - those government employees won't show up when it snows.

Second, support the same array of undemocratic regimes in the middle east that your father did. Democracy is a dangerous tool in the hands of the unenlightened. If average Floridians can't be trusted to do the right thing, how can we trust Iraqis or Afghanis? Hopefully, the array of strongmen we support can take care of their own problems with a little bit of taxpayer money here and there. Cheney's Energy Task Force endorses this plan wholeheartedly. As long as they promise to keep the oil spigot "on" and control their populations, they can't be all bad - right? Never mind that every major war in the 20th century included at least one undemocratic aggressor. This is the 21st century now.

Third, get all money out of Washington before liberals can spend it. It is much more effective to support a 15 year retroactive tax cut that will net corporations millions of extra dollars to be spent as their CEOs decide. For Example, should IBM get the 1.5 billion dollars they would net in this plan, America will reap enormous benefits and be much better off in ways that are, well, very difficult to enumerate.

Finally, continue to build a "missile defense shield". This will allow us to continue to cut funding to wasteful international programs. For instance we could continue to curtail US involvement in securing and dismantling an aging Russian nuclear arsenal that numbers on the tens of thousands of weapons. Some may call it a "Maginot Line in the Sky"or "The Great Wall of Bush", but we will be able to hide comfortably from the poor disenfranchised poor barbarians should they obtain nuclear weapons.

Huddled behind our "missile shield" we can continue to pay off kings and dictators in the middle east to control their populations and ensure our oil flow, hand over giant amounts of cash to our corporate friends, and erode Constitutional rights just enough to allow us to keep a sharp eye on our own population.

What a wonderful world this will be.