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George W. Bush Owes Me a Kiss
November 9, 2001
by Robert C.

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It is an unusually warm November afternoon here in the suburbs of NYC, and I'm in my backyard doing more autumn clean up work. To me, yard and garden work, mindless and solitary work tied to the changing seasons, has always been a way to recharge myself, and offers a perfect opportunity for reflection and contemplation - a chance to think about how much, if any, my life has changed since the last time I performed these chores.

And today, as an abnormally warm November sun beats down on me, and I'm thinking that I can't ever remember wearing shorts and a tee shirt this late into autumn - thanks, global warming! - I realize that this abnormal weather is a fitting end to what has been quite an abnormal year.

Around this time last year I was anxiously awaiting election day, heartened by the poll numbers, and confident that America would not elect the imbecile son of a failed president - and in this I was correct, America didn't elect the imbecile, I just hadn't counted on the Xtreme Court making that fact irrelevant. Last year at this time I thought that I lived in a democracy. Last year at this time, as I watched my children play, I had all the hope in the world that the America that they would inherit would be an America that had wisely built on an unprecedented period of prosperity.

Last year at this time I wasn't afraid of losing my job. Last year at this time I was confident that our government, as flawed as it has always been, and as deadly partisan as it had recently become, would always come together in a crisis to do what was needed - to do the right thing, partisanship be damned! - to protect it's citizens. Last year at this time I was not afraid to fly on a commercial airplane.

When I think back to "last year at this time," it seems like a remembrance of a past life - an existence in a more pastoral time - a remembrance made possible perhaps only through hypnosis. This past year has unfolded like a recurring nightmare, only it's not sleep that you are afraid of, it's waking up that is the terror. A right wing coup - which rapidly thrust it's extremist agenda on the country, and a vicious terrorist attack - which is now being used to further solidify that extreme agenda - two events that my gut tells me are somehow related - have changed my life, and they have changed the future of the world.

As the unelected imbecile son of a failed president romps around the country with sky-high approval ratings, reciting simple declarative sentences to a worshipful media while the economy tanks, our wealth is squandered, and our liberties are trampled - and as he pursues his "god given" mission to rid the world of evil - I just know it in my bones that I, and all of us, are being screwed.

And so, that's why George W. Bush owes me a kiss. As the character that Al Pacino played in the movie "Dog Day Afternoon" said, "When I get fucked I like to be kissed."