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Trust Us
November 7, 2001
by Terry Vanden-Bosch

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Patriotic Americans,

Your love of country can be witnessed coast to coast by the flags you wear on your sleeves. Why, there is hardly a product sold in America that doesn't feature a flag on the package or in the advertising. Although the toilet bowl cleaner ad was a bit over the edge. You have come to recognize the transformative power of our stars and stripes. Less than two months ago more than 70% of you thought of our president as a less than scholarly frat boy who couldn't deliver a speech unless it was fed to him line by line on the teleprompter. But once we wrapped him in the flag he became an international diplomat in whose hands you gladly placed the future of your country and your planet. It is beautiful how readily you mistake packaging for practical substance.

There is little common ground between our leaders and the working class, but we have covered that carefully with touching photo ops with children and catchy phrases that make you think we are just regular folks. Our unity is so great that there is really just one political party in this country today and politicians and newscasters alike march in lockstep. Together we will establish a new world order where corporate destiny dictates political action and personal freedom gives way to the greater considerations of national freedom.

Yet there are still some who resist. Sources tell us that a few in Seattle, San Francisco and elsewhere see our momentum as a death knell for America's soul. Some even wear black as if they were bereaved. These are the unenlightened ones who do not realize it is time for America to assert itself globally. The resources of our planet should be ours to control because we have the wisdom to use them to best advantage. We are engaged in a holy war against the evil ones, and out of this conflict will come a world of profit and power for the elite never before realized on this planet.

America is inherently good, so it follows that all we do is blessed by righteous light. It is our responsibility to destroy evil through any means necessary. We are good and good always prevails over evil.

Cynics say that global hot spots of terrorism overlay with amazing accuracy the global deposits of fuel. This is simple coincidence. Terrorism is evil and must be eradicated by any means necessary, even if that requires we employ their tactics to succeed. The media understands this so they join with the ruling elite repeating the rhetoric of war. They see the need to continually stir America's passions so anger is deflected away from our leaders toward more suitable targets like those at the periphery of society. As long as we can keep your minds focused on fear, you won't notice the liberties we are taking with the Constitution. Other countries newspapers are mostly news with relatively few ads, American newspapers are mostly ads with little news. And that's what you want. You would rather know what trinket to buy to impress your neighbor than bore yourselves with the details of government. And we love you for it!

This isn't a war against religion, even though most of the 1,000 people currently being held without legal recourse are of the Muslim faith. This is a war about shifting global power away from the limited individual perspective to a healthier corporate worldview. To achieve that we must convince the rest of humanity of the truth and goodness of our policies. It is your task, dear citizens, to support this effort without question. Don't ask for the underlying reasons foreign countries distrust us. We wouldn't tell you anyway. Trust that national interests must be protected.

The best part is that you are too frightened right now to even look at what we are doing. Don't think we don't appreciate it. Your self-concern allows us the freedom to negotiate treaties and contracts that will yield corporate profits for decades to come.

In this hour of threats against our homeland, er, homefront, it will be necessary to extend police powers so we can better protect the leaders and officials of this country. They are the first targets of the evil ones and hence our greatest concern. Elected officials have grown comfortable with their power and positions and will not raise their voices to protest the steps necessary to maintain them. The loss of rights and liberties for the commoners is merely unavoidable collateral damage, Surely you can understand that.

In a recent speech in New York City, our vice president promised this would be a war without end. He said it would "continue long beyond the lifespan of those in this room." It may continue beyond the lifetimes of your children. But we cannot fail to eventually win the hearts and minds of those we bomb. Our cargo planes drop food, and most recently transistor radios. The only channel receivable will repeatedly broadcast our massage of command and compassion, "Surrender now and we will let you live."

Everyone must make sacrifices in this changing world, but the sooner you accept our new worldview the easier it will be for us. Support America without question and arm in arm with arms we will raise America's flag over every oil field on the planet. Then and only then will we be able to return to the complacent, freedom soaked days we once enjoyed. Trust us. Your government would never deceive you.


Karl Bush and George Rove