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The Next Election
November 6, 2001
by Hyphenate

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Here I sit, less than a month before being canned from my current job, unsure of what December, a dwindling economy, and a high unemployment rate will bring, but certainly I think that perhaps I will continue to survive - just barely. Although being an out-and-out bleeding heart liberal under the Bush administration is not going to be the easiest thing in the world

My mind flutters briefly to an event that is still three years away - a new election, and I wonder - how many Americans are going to be sick and tired of this asshole by then?

Will the masses of unemployed people, whose benefits from their states hardly equal their normal paying jobs, who might have to be put onto the welfare lists, who will seek out as much public assistance as they are legally (and perhaps illegally) able to obtain - will these people vote for the man they perceive as putting them there?

Will the masses of people whose sons and daughters have been sent to fight a war of revenge vote for the man who helped kill or endanger their children?

Will those whose relatives and close friends died in one of the terrorist attacks vote for the man whose administration likely contributed to their demise, through ignorance, lack of intuition, or simply lack of foresight?

Will those who are part of a large corporation vote for a man who is feeding the coffers of their already rich bosses, but who is not contributing to their own financial future?

I think that over the course of this first year, people were already getting angry with this President for his far right-winged ideals, and who is now only holding his own because he is diverting a lot of attention away from his misgivings through a press eager to slant the news toward "revenge against the man who harmed Americans on American soil."

Think about it - there were news articles that said (in August) that his handlers were going to try to slant the news toward a more centrist position, eager to divert the attention away from his more extremist movements the first eight months of his administration. This blew up in their faces with the advent of 9/11, and now they have to hold their crossed fingers behind their backs and hope that those members of the administration far more comfortable with war and its consequences do what is expected of them. Think about it - if there had BEEN no real war, they would likely have had to invent one as a diversion against the attention being focused on the birdbrain in the white house.

I doubt if this man will get re-elected in 2004. Why? Because he is proving, when people consider everything in retrospect, that he is not the man for the job. Not only doesn't he have the experience to continue a long, drawn out war, but he doesn't have the ability to nurture foreign nations in any kind of diplomatic way.

People are saying because he is "proving himself" with this war, that he will be re-elected. But once this war is over, and people are faced once again with the fact that much of their civil liberties have been lost, that the environment has been severely compromised because of favors to the gas, oil and petroleum companies, that financially we are up to our necks in debt ONCE AGAIN, that once again we will sink into isolationism and a sense of hubris, I think people might finally come to their senses and vote for the right person to fill the position.

Let's keep up our dissent, for without freethinkers we are doing nothing but continuing to stumble in the dark toward the abyss of terminal repression.