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Bush's Bouncing Checks
November 3, 2001
by Dave Conroy

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Dear George,

A few weeks ago in this very space I warned you to get rid of the liars. I told you to fess up to your role in the lies. I said if you did not then no one would believe you. It's beginning to look like I can say I told you so.

Since the last letter Ari got caught in a transparent lie and even the docile press figured it out. His retort that increased revenues are only equal to increased taxes when the Democrats want them was just stupid. Can he even find the truth in a line up?

Your wonderful governors turned Cabinet Secretaries (Thompson, Ridge, and Ashcroft) seem incapable of figuring out just what kind of Anthrax we have been threatened with. One day it is weapons grade the next it isn't. One day it is indistinguishable from Iraqi Anthrax the next it isn't. Then we parse the word indistinguishable. Try I don't know but I will find out. We don't expect perfection fron out government leaders but honesty would be nice.

Then there is the whole Cipro mess. When the well connected and weathy got exposed it was the only drug we could use. When the working class postal carriers got exposed all the sudden any old antibiotic would do. I have no idea which one is right. If I were a postal worker I would not be filled with confidence though. It looks suspiciously like the wealthy getting better treatment than the middle class. Coming on the heels of revelations that the Capitol Hill police dogs got tested before the postal workers did makes it even worse.

Then there is the matter of airport security. While you are protected by the Secret Service, government employees the last time I checked, you seek to relegate our safety to private rent-a-cops. You have the gall to say it is for our own good since it is so hard to get rid of bad government employees. Funny how it is okay for your security detail. When you hire out your own protection then I might believe you. I won't hold my breath.

Credibility is like a bank account. Each time you tell the truth is a deposit, each lie a withdrawl. Since you came into office you have written a lot of bad checks on this account. You lied about the condition of the White House, you lied about your tax cut. You lied about inviting Democratic leaders to the White House. Your very first speech after Al Gore's concession was one huge lie. You said that you were giving it in front of the Texas Legislature Democrats and Republicans alike. It turned out that only certain Democrats were invited. One rubber check after another.

On September 11 there was a huge deposit made. It wiped out for many the rubber checks you wrote. Surely you wouldn't lie now. How wrong we were. You lied about Cipro, you lied about anthrax, you lied about airport security, you lied about Air Force One, and now you are lying again calling a give away to the rich a stimulus package. Your account is closed Mr. President. There are no more checks. Soon no one will believe you. You can only write so many bad checks before no one will take them any more.