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The Great Bumpkin November 1, 2001
We have become Linus. We're maintaining an irrational belief in something that just plainly isn't there. by birdman

Eating The Sword October 31, 2001
We are losing this war, not because of the actions of a clever enemy, but because of dangerously poor leadership in Washington D.C. by William Rivers Pitt

My Brush With Terror October 31, 2001
With a superhuman effort, we managed to remain calm, my husband fixing them with an unblinking stare and planning his judo moves... by Pamela Troy

Human Rights and Realpolitik October 30, 2001
Recent applications of human rights to American foreign policy have been confusing, perverse, and even destructive. by John Chuckman

Questioning the Resident October 30, 2001
Why is it the opinions of those who question the legitimacy of the current resident of the White House are somehow less valid than those who blindly jump on the Bush Patriots' bandwagon? by Roscoe NOBUSH

The Home Front Cracks October 30, 2001
We have a far more serious matter than a few people dying of anthrax - a case of brain lock that's been decades in the making. by J B

Uncle Sam Wants You - Because He Doesn't Have a Clue October 29, 2001
The REAL battlefield is not Afghanistan at all. The real battlefield is Saudi Arabia. by J B

Live Now, Deliver Later October 29, 2001
The men and women who process, handle and deliver our mail are sitting at the "front line" of this new war on bio-terrorism. by Rodney Jay C. Salinas

We Didn't Want This War, But We Got It. Now What? October 27, 2001
We're in a war now. It is necessary. And avoiding it will only make matters worse. by Why

Scary Things, Halloween, Annie-Get-Your-Gun Coulter, and The New Patriotism October 27, 2001
I am scared that some trick or treater will arrive on my doorstep resplendent in this season's most horrifying scare attire - the Ann Coulter Mask. by Elayne Keratsis

They Exploited Our Fear—Not Our Freedom October 27, 2001
Have Republicans been so busy protecting us from our own government that our own government can't protect us? by Ted Westervelt

Collaterally Damaging October 27, 2001
The bomb that fell on Abeda and Mohammed Wali's house was personally signed by the crew of the USS Enterprise. by Adrian Luca

They Are Lying To Us October 26, 2001
They have told us that they would. So why are we listening? by Jack Rabbit

My Conversation with Conservatives October 26, 2001
It's no longer fashionable, very American, or even moral, to criticize or have a different opinion than our President. by Paul Winkelmann

My Neighbors are With the Taliban! October 26, 2001
They're little swarthy people. They ain't got no dogs, they ain't got no yard cars and hell, they ain't even got a pickup truck. by Jokerman

Patriot Games October 25, 2001
We're being told to wave the flag and cheer while our basic freedoms go down the tubes. by Isaac Peterson

The Man Behind the Curtain October 25, 2001
The question of whether our government deserves that cloak of secrecy must be voiced in the strongest possible terms. by William Rivers Pitt

Improving American Society October 25, 2001
Our goal should be to promote a global society in which freedom is real. by Paul S. Hardersen

Importing Terror Through the FBI October 24, 2001
Did you know your government is considering the adoption of torture as a means of gaining information from suspects? by J B

Why is the Media Still Bashing Al Gore? October 24, 2001
Most Americans have no idea how beholden the mass media is to the right wing, and how dirty the media and the Republicans really are. by Mike Hersh

Against Tyranny October 24, 2001
There is one force that makes us liberals more than any other: Tyranny. by Thomas Sturgess

Is the Dalai Lama a Terrorist Now? October 23, 2001
Are you prepared to start looking the other way now, Mr. President? by Ted Westervelt

Democrats, Don't Give Up! October 23, 2001
We need to stand tall for our ideals and fight for our candidates in 2001. by J. Carlos Jiacinto

Confessions of an Internet Junkie October 23, 2001
Since long before the tragedy of September 11th, I've been a true Internet political junkie. by ExPatDem

To the Place of Definitions October 22, 2001
I am afraid to my marrow, but the shades of my ancestors and the living eyes of my elders urge me to a greatness and a strength that must be bottomless. by William Rivers Pitt

The New War Profiteers October 22, 2001
The Bush Administration has attempted to use September 11 as a Trojan Horse to advance their right wing agenda. by Christopher Harrison

Notes From the South Florida Underground October 20, 2001
Elian. Recounts. Anthrax. It's Florida. It's our show. But we're getting a little sick of all this. by Elayne Keratsis

It's Time to Preach What We Practice October 20, 2001
Freedom is not unique to the Judeo-Christian belief structure. Self determination is not only valued by white people. by Ted Westervelt

Liberal Talk Show Kicked Off the Air October 19, 2001
After broadcasting for a year on a Santa Cruz AM station, left-of-center talk show host, Peter Werbe, had his program suddenly yanked from KOMY-AM.

Letter to My Future Self October 19, 2001
I just wanted to remind you of a few things that America used to have in 2001. by Quasit

GOP = Gutless Old Pols October 19, 2001
There are times when the leaders must take risks to show people that they will share their dangers. by Tom Plachta

The Argument October 18, 2001
I know you've seen it... the "argument" conservatives are supposed to use against liberals to illustrate why the use of force is necessary. by Morris Smith

Stand Tall, Americans! October 18, 2001
Rest comfortably in the sure knowledge that your government has the wisdom to use its might for the betterment of corporate interests everywhere. by Terry Vanden-Bosch

Gettin' Down with the Great Satan October 17, 2001
I think I have the key to combating radical Islam. by birdman

The Saudi Question October 17, 2001
The Saudi question is infinitely more relevant and disturbing than the Israeli question. by J B

Please Restore My Faith October 17, 2001
We should not be bombing innocents. by DCofVA

Would We Have Won World War II if We Had Behaved This Way? October 16, 2001
The message is that sacrifice is for suckers. If you are rich and well connected you do not have to pay for this war. by Dave Conroy

America the Great October 16, 2001
What makes America, America? by A Concerned Patriot

Bush to NBC: "Dump That Guy Chandler" October 15, 2001
Fictional character "too funny" compared to President. by Gil Christner

The New Cold War October 15, 2001
What is this "war" really about? by Ken Alford

Who's Really Blaming America? October 15, 2001
When terrorists slam airplanes into the World Trade Center what do conservatives do? They blame America first. by Morris Smith

What We Must Learn October 13, 2001
Our biggest asset as a species, the one that continues to separate us from others, is our ability to learn. by JM

Rush Limbaugh Does Not Deserve Compassion October 13, 2001
But we should give it to him anyway. by Dave Conroy

Politics Out, Federal Government In October 13, 2001
Only a full time federal force of air marshals, airport security and air traffic control can effectively protect us from this new threat posed to our national security. by Ted Westervelt

Thank You, America October 12, 2001
We've gladly given you entertainment extravaganzas and a renewed sense of loyalty in our global superiority. And in return, you've given us a blank check for our most important war ever. by Terry Vanden-Bosch

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Winner, and New Champion... October 12, 2001
Cheney finally told Wolfowitz to shut the hell up. by J B

Is There Another Way? October 12, 2001
I've had a lot of scenarios running through my head lately, how this might work out, or not, and what we might do to respond. by Lincoln Farnum

Are We on the Side of Freedom and Democracy Anymore? October 11, 2001
In sharp contrast to Cold War rhetoric, scant few American politicians have even suggested that we are engaged in a righteous struggle to replace tyranny with freedom. by Ted Westervelt

Norm Choamsky - America's #1 Traitor October 11, 2001
Friends, there is treason among us... at least if you believe the right wing. by J B

Government Ties October 11, 2001
The Bush administration are in up to their necks. by Paul Winkelmann

The War on Terrorism — 2028 October 9, 2001
Dateline: March 3, 2028 — The New York Times looks back at the U.S. government's 27-year battle against terrorism. by birdman

Lost In America (Part 2) October 9, 2001
There are so many legitimate questions Americans need to ask in this time of sorrow and anger. by Whyzayker

When Presidents Think You Are as Dumb as They Are October 8, 2001
If indeed the military has been able to rebound just because of a change at the top, then why do they need more money? by Morris Smith

9/11 Not All Bad for Bush October 8, 2001
It's a brave new world for the Bush administration. They can pretty much do anything they want and just blame it on bin Laden. by Lincoln Farnum

Bush's Failed Foreign Policy October 8, 2001
The Bush administration has told the rest of the world: "We don't care what you think." by Walter Dean

Some Perspective on the War Against Terror October 6, 2001
The death of six thousand Americans has been treated as an event without parallel. This is not only inaccurate, it is foolish and unhelpful. by John Chuckman

Feminist Rage and U.S. Foreign Policy October 6, 2001
U.S. foreign policy has largely ignored abuses against women by states with whom we must do business. by TygrBright

Dubya's Boring Presidentiary October 6, 2001
Bush doesn't want to be President any more than I want to have a hot, romantic evening with Karen Hughes. by Max Starsky

Swarm of IntSecs October 6, 2001
Protecting our sacred Homeland while hardly suppressing any more of your civil liberties. by Quasit

The Real American Traitors October 5, 2001
American Republicans are, right this minute, using the dead and the lost in New York and Washington for political vengeance and gain. by William Rivers Pitt

Lost In America (Part 1) October 5, 2001
For about 24 hours, America was united like never before. Then things got ugly. by Whyzayker

See No Evil, Hear No Evil: The Schultz Theory, Applied October 4, 2001
Let's just hope this current Bush administration is not as 'bumbling' as the popular 'Stalag 13' sergeant. by Busby Breasley

Reaffirm Our Founding Principles October 4, 2001
Yes, I fear bin Laden and other terrorists. But I also fear the Taliban among us, masquerading as Christian patriots. by Mark Folse

Big Man, Little Man October 4, 2001
Bush and the Republicans see this tragedy as their Main Chance to enrich their wealthy campaign contributors. by Madison

Your Patriotic Duty: Buy More Flags October 3, 2001
So put away your protest signs and quit writing silly letters to your senators. There is a war to be won. by Terry Vanden-Bosch

On Conspiracy Theories October 3, 2001
Some conspiracy theoriesare insane, some of them are reasonable but false, and some of them are true. by John Emerson

The Enemy October 3, 2001
Certainly action must be taken, but it must not spring from the same cesspit that spawned the atrocities. by Ron Free

The National Crisis Leadership Quiz October 2, 2001
Do you have what it takes to lead this great nation of ours during a crisis? Take this handy test and see. by Smokey Sojac

The Daily War Watch
An FBI Warning A Day October 2, 2001
It is going to take a hell of a lot more than this to keep the terrorists away, Mr. Ashcroft. by J B

Could it Happen Here? October 2, 2001
Lulled into a sense of blind patriotism, the working press has concluded now is the time to accept blindly whatever the White House tells them. by Madison

Conservatism Without Compassion October 1, 2001
No matter how you slice it, when it comes down to brass tacks the Republicans always show their true colors. by Art Richardson

An Open Letter to the New York Times October 1, 2001
Media manipulation by the government should not and will not be tolerated. by Frederique Sol