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Questioning the Resident
October 30, 2001
by Roscoe NOBUSH

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Why is it the opinions of those who question the legitimacy of the current resident of the White House are somehow less valid than those who blindly jump on the Bush Patriots' bandwagon? Please do not take this question as rhetorical. Something in this administration is decidedly rotten and yet the press is not mentioning it. Can dissent be so easily dismissed by the members of the media with a glib, condescending comment? The "patriots" have to shout down those that question, interrupt for effect, and generally degrade their opinion as if they were aliens.

Bush has shown his contempt for working Americans, women, children, and, of course, the environment, and has bullied and alienated pretty much every friend we ever had, with the possible exception of Mexico. We have returned to War with a vengeance, and a nuclear arms buildup will soon follow, causing an arms race in parts of the world that could erupt at any time. The world has loudly voiced their disgust for the United States and its leadership with the most recent slap in the face being voted off the UN Human Rights Commission... the first time in its history! Moreover, what is the press doing? Spinning the story to the American public of what a terrific president this guy is, and how he's going to win this "war" single-handedly.

Somehow, the press still manages to place sex in the oval office, pardons by Clinton which quickly faded into obscurity, and now Hillary's appearance before a hostile crowd ahead of things that actually matter - such as global warming, a president (Bush) that is selling out this country and its values to special interests, and jeopardizing global stability. To write off the fears of a large portion of the population is standard operating procedure for Republicans, and it seems a bit irresponsible. They truly believe our position to be untenable, and never take the opportunity to explain why. A rational discourse is not allowed, and to voice our opinion of Bush borders on treason. Have we allowed the right to minimize our opinions so that they are no longer valid?

We were angry and didn't like Bush because of his policies before the election, and the same applies after the Selection. And, regardless of whether we are angry or not, our points of contention are entirely valid. Does anyone really want their kids growing up in a cesspool of nuclear waste, bad air, and foreign hostility? I grew up in the 50's and it seems to me that's where we're headed again.

What about the Bush quid pro quos? The sub fiasco, the energy interests, the payback to the Dogs of Hell who set out to destroy Clinton... and let's hear about Bush's AWOL/deserter status, his drugs, his shallowness, his pandering to intolerant Christian-right hypocrites, etc. etc. Three top executives of major corporations selected by Bush as civilian heads of the nation's armed forces have corporate ties that will influence how the Pentagon doles out big defense contracts in the next three years. Rumors have been circulating in Tallahassee for months that Jeb Bush was caught having an affair with former Playboy Bunny Cynthia Henderson, and now he faces a $1.5 billion budget deficit due to his ineptness.

The "de-Bushing'' of Texas proceeds quietly. Texas is plugging holes in the state budget, banning new charter schools, overhauling the criminal justice system including a tougher hate-crimes bill. Previous environmental initiatives are being toughened, death penalty reforms hastily initiated, overhauling of the indigent defense system, passing a ban on executing retarded killers, and having easier access to post-conviction DNA testing, should give anyone with half a brain reason to doubt the effectiveness of this resident as a leader.

In spite of all the ranting about Former president Clinton "renting out" the Lincoln Bedroom, President Bush is renting out his Cabinet officers to big donors of the Republican Party. Ambassadorships are for sale to the highest campaign donors - with no stopovers in the Lincoln Bedroom - and nary a word is said. Regular, closed-door briefings are held for the big donors, and all is well with the world. No one should be able to buy access to the American commerce secretary or any other Cabinet member, people with considerable power to influence the failure or success of individual businesses.

The press are bought and sold by the right. We can't say a negative word about Bush without always having to defend Clinton. Clinton is GONE. Clinton's private failings are nothing compared to what Bush's policy failings are in terms of the negative impact they will have on this country. How DO they sleep at night? Bush has had a completely free ride. The attacks on Clinton began far before he was ever elected and have not stopped even unto this very day! Bush and his corporate cabinet are selling the American people down the river; the "fourth estate" the so-called "free press" are aiding and abetting the process. We should be ashamed to have let it get this far.