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America the Great
October 16, 2001
By A Concerned Patriot

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What makes America, America? Or, to put it more bluntly, what makes America the greatest country on Earth?

Is it our sense of normalcy? (Or as the President would say, "shopping?") Is it the tall buildings, filling our skylines? Our cars? Those beautiful gas-guzzling works of art & technology - clogging our city streets (and our air)? Is it a 9,000+ Dow Jones Industrials average? Or could it be our renewed sense of patriotism, unified by our glorious President?

Simple answer: No.

Our Constitution is what makes this country great. Our Constitution is what makes the rest of the world green with envy. Our right to speak freely. Our right to dissent. Our right to live free. That's what makes this country great.

It seems lately, that the meaning of patriotism has changed. Patriotism is no longer a term meant for those that fight for their individual beliefs, and by doing so, defend the beliefs of this great nation.

No, no. In the days since September 11th, patriotism has come to be defined as, "Unifying behind the President, regardless of personal beliefs/views/opinions/etc." In other words, supporting the President, and whatever moves he and his appointed administration make, even if it totally negates every one of your beliefs. The beliefs which you, an American, have every right, and OBLIGATION, to have!

This has totally baffled me. The arguments given are totally ridiculous, and most of the time, complete hypocrisy. My favorite, "We need security and peace, we must preserve freedom, at all costs!" I ask, how do you expect, or even propose, to protect and preserve freedom, by taking it away?

How does one, with a straight face and sane mind, completely trample the Constitution, in the name of the Flag? Is that even logically possible?

Simple answer: No. Yet it is what a good majority of Americans, and the Government that is supposed to serve THEM, are doing as we speak.

They have drawn a line. If you're not with us, you're with them. And supposedly this is called, "Uniting Americans." If you don't believe exactly what the President believes, then you're a traitor, essentially guilty of treason.

This is not uniting! I know of no easier, and more effective, way to divide people.

So I ask again, what makes America, America? What makes our great country so great?

Is it the Constitution?

Simple answer: No.

It's the people. The Constitution is nothing without the people. Liberty, freedom, and our patriotism, live in our hearts. No judge, policeman, lawyer, government, or Constitution, can defend them there, only the individual himself. And that includes everyone!

Remember, it's "Power of the People," not "Power of the Majority", and especially not, "Power of the Misguided Majority."

The Constitution means nothing without the will of the people to defend it at all costs. The government, derives ALL of it's powers from the people, so FREEDOM IS NOT THEIRS TO TAKE! Therefore, the only way to lose it is to let go of it.

I, for one, am not willing to do this. I am a real patriot. I will do anything to defend my country, and the great, American ideals it holds. But I can not, and will not, sacrifice those ideals, in their defense. This is the ultimate form of treason.

250 million people, all completely disagreeing with each other, practicing 200 different religions, working 10,000 different professions, from 130 different nations, teaching their children completely different things, at completely different times...but UNITED in one simple fact... that this is precisely what makes this country America! It's what makes us American!

That's what makes this country great.

Here's a small quote, which shows some of the real beauty in our country...

"The view from my apartment... used to be the World Trade Center, and now it's not. But you know what? Now... the view from my's the Statue of Liberty, and you can't beat that." - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Look around for America's real beauty. It's not in our economics, it's in our love. Our love of one another. Our love of freedom. That's patriotism. And it's not only what makes this country great, it's what holds it together.

I leave you with two of my favorite quotes, from another Great American Patriot.

"Who ever would overthrow the liberty of a nation, must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." - Benjamin Franklin

"They that would sacrifice a little liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security." - Benjamin Franklin

I love you all.