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The New Cold War
October 15, 2001
By Ken Alford

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Donald Rumsfeld calls it the "new Cold War." G.W. Bush says it may take decades to defeat it. Both political parties are ready to spend whatever it takes to fight the scourge. The Defense contractors are having wet dreams just thinking about it. What is it?

At the moment, it is a show of force by the strongest nation on earth. Terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden cannot burrow themselves deep enough to escape the wrath of the mighty America. Muslims and Christians are drawing lines in the sand. Fear dominates the agenda of both sides in the conflict. The Afghanis fear getting a 5000 lb. bomb dropped on their heads and the Americans fear getting an Anthrax spore up their noses. But what is it really about?

Since the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed like a punctured balloon, the Military Industrial Complex has been in withdrawal. For a time, they tried to make China the enemy, but they were too capitalistically friendly to pursue. Then we were told that North Korea was making missiles that could reach America's shores. There was momentary credibility until people realized that North Korea was just another third world country. Then they lapsed into a debate about the necessity of a missile defense shield. It was politics as usual until September 11th.

That was the salvation of the Defense contractors. On that date, terrorist extremists of the Islam religion, managed to hijack several planes and blow up the brains of the financial and military establishments of the greatest nation on earth - the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Finally, we had the new enemy we had been searching for since the Cold War ended.

It didn't matter that we were using the most advanced technology and the most massive amount of military power in the world to look for one skinny butt terrorist. We had an enemy at last. When it was revealed that Anthrax had been discovered in Florida and one person had died from it, the powers that be knew it would be easy. It had to have been planted by the terrorists. The people were fearful for their lives and Congress was going along simply so they could say they supported the "war" in the next election cycle. The planets were in alignment.

Then G.W. Bush tells the American people that this "war" will take years to finish and that we must have patience. It must be very, very serious because Congress agreed with his every point. How could the American people not think it was "war" of their lifetime? After all, 6,000 Americans were dead. It didn't matter that they died because of a porous immigration policy and a total lack of intelligence from our Defense establishment. It didn't matter that our elected leaders took the month of August off for a political vacation while a few "evil" people planned their act of infamous glory.

The plot was written. Things would be as they were for the previous 50 years. We would spend huge amounts for Defense and we would all be safe from the evil terrorists of the world. We could return to deficit spending so the big banks and creditors of the world could get their annual large interest payments from the American people. The people would surrender any ideas they may have had about prescription drugs for the elderly or healthcare and early education for millions of children. They would even surrender their freedoms and civil rights. After all, we have to find and defeat the 2nd strongest person in the world, Osama Bin Laden.