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Rush Limbaugh Does Not Deserve Compassion
October 13, 2001
By Dave Conroy

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Rush Limbaugh does not deserve compassion. But we should give it to him anyway, even though he has shown no compassion toward his enemies over time. There were the despicable AIDS updates with the theme of "We Will Never Love This Way Again." There was the making fun of Chelsea's looks when she was 12, and the making fun of Janet Reno's Parkinson's disease. I could go on.

So why should we give him compassion when he has given none? Because at some time in our lives we have been treated better than we deserved to be. In my case it was when I quit drinking a year and a half ago. I had made a mess of my life through drinking. My family should have disowned me but they didn't. My friends should have gone running but they didn't. I got better than I deserved.

All that said, one can still hope that Rush will learn some lessons from this. It would be both fitting and just if he were to gain a new found appreciation for Janet Reno and victims of AIDS. Maybe he will and maybe he won't. Only time will tell.

I want to discuss one final thought, to do with threads which have been running through the message board. Rush did not become deaf due to karma or God's will. Whatever has caused his deafness caused deafness in thousands if not millions of others. Did all of those people have bad Karma? Did they piss God off? I think not.

It isn't easy to show grace to the graceless, mercy to the merciless, or compassion to the compassionless. The fact is that it is the difficult things which are worth doing. The world will not record nor long remember what we have said here. Rush will not even know what we have said here. We will. Even if Rush does not deserve our compassion we owe it to ourselves.

If we were to die tomorrow would we want our legacy to show that we kicked a man when he was down?