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See No Evil, Hear No Evil: The Schultz Theory, Applied
October 4, 2001
By Busby Breasley

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For many years now, The United States has done a wonderful imitation of Dr. Frankenstein in creating the monsters they now seek to destroy.

From its support of Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War to the arming and funding of Osama bin Laden in the push to repel soviet troops out of Afghanistan in the late 80's, The United States in years past has done nothing more than manufacture problems in the ensuing ones.

The question now is, has The U.S learnt from these past mistakes or is it about to repeat them, all over again?

The "safe bet" of course, sadly, is on the latter.

The US government has been intentionally ignorant to and completely disregarded, the burgeoning effects this part of their foreign policy has had on the rise of 'terrorism' and the organizations and countries that support it.

Take Pakistan for example, who The US is courting for assistance in its "campaign", or as George W Bush would say, its "crusade" against terrorism. The way the mainstream press in The United States reports on Pakistan, who would really be surprised if a poll came out tomorrow showing that the vast majority of Americans view Pakistan as a "peaceful democracy"?

It is very rarely reported on the warmongering mainstream cable networks or in the major newspapers that Pakistan is in fact a "military dictatorship". A dictatorship that for many years now has not only harbored terrorists but is the home of many terrorist training camps, which a 1999 report alone had totaling over 200.

There have even been claims that jailed Pakistani's are often removed from that country's prisons and sent to train in these "terrorist colleges". >From here they are sent to fight in the disputed territory of Kashmir or to further their training in Afghanistan, after which they are sent to do their dirty deeds around the world.

It is because of this that India has shown utter shock at The United States for "going to bed" with the Pakistani's.

But the Indians, who The US has also been sidling up to lately, are no choir boys themselves.

India also uses terrorism in Kashmir, as well as against their own population.

India's genocide of the minority Muslim population there and it's oppression of the Dalits (untouchables) seems to also go totally unnoticed by The United States.

If The United States isn't careful in the planning of its "War Against Terrorism" and stirs up the "hornets nest" which is this part of Asia, all hell could break loose.

And this will be cause for grave concern, for the entire world. For as we know, both Pakistan and India possess "the bomb".

A scary thought, indeed.

But these two countries aren't alone. There's also The United States' biggest ally in the middle east, Saudi Arabia.

Is it but mere coincidence that many of the September 11 hijackers may have originated from this country, as has been reported? Osama bin Laden himself is Saudi and he is not alone in Saudi dissent towards The US presence in that country. There is no doubt whatsoever that much of bin Laden's hatred towards America does indeed arise from this.

Saudi Arabia is also one of the most repressive regimes in the entire middle east. They may even be able to teach The Taliban a thing or two about human rights abuses. Women are treated little better in Saudi Arabia than they are under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, often being segregated from men and punished severely if they are not "covered up" -- dressed in the "proper fashion".

Women are not even permitted to drive an automobile in Saudi Arabia.

Torture there is commonplace and public beheadings are a regular occurrence. The country is an absolute monarchy, has no written constitution or elected legislative body.

Nevertheless, The United States chooses to turn a blind eye to all of these "indiscretions", obvious violations of human rights to which we as a country would normally abhor but on this occasion refuse to do so-- for two reasons.

"OIL" -- of course -- but maybe even more importantly, Saudi Arabia has in the past been more than willing to allow The United States use of its airfields and airspace. Up to 5000 US troops remain based in Saudi Arabia to this day.

Saudi Arabia is important to The United States -- it provides it with the presence in the Middle East it believes it so vitally needs. Or as someone even more cynical than myself may say, "To safeguard the interests of 'corporate America'"

So, there will be "no treading on Saudi toes, thank you very much" -- although at the time of writing, it is unclear just how much "access" the Saudis are willing to provide to The United States, this time around.

But the one thing not in doubt is that The US will gladly accept any assistance from the Saudis -- no matter how insignificant that may be.

And then there's the question of what happens to Afghanistan if The US does what many believe it is planning -- that being "ridding that country of the Taliban".

Do they install the opposition Northern Alliance to power? If so, this will be yet another case of "See no evil, hear no evil" -- The Northern Alliance having a similar human rights record to that of the Taliban in the few short years it was controlling Kabul and the rest of the country.

The innocent people of Afghanistan would be no better off living under the "Northern Alliance" as they are currently under the Taliban.

So indeed we may find, like we have in the past, that the same people The United States have run to for help in their "war against terrorism" may in fact, just like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden in years past, turn around and bite The US in its proverbial butt in the near future.

It would not be the first time this has happened... and it will more than likely not be the last. When will this country ever learn?

For years now, "Shultz-ification" has played a major role in US foreign policy.

It is the "Schultz Theory" -- a theory NOT based on any special policy, tactic or plan of action devised by former Reagan Secretary of State, George Schultz but more so on the lovable and portly guard at 'Stalag 13', Sergeant Hans Schultz of 'Hogans Heroes' fame who's favorite line was, "I know nothing, I see nothing, and I say nothing!"

For instead of Sergeant Schultz being wooed by LeBeau's cooking, The US is wooed by "Oil and Opportunism" -- and the need to make "trade offs" with some of the "less desirables" in the Middle East in order to reach its desired goals.

Let's just hope this current Bush administration is not as 'bumbling' as the popular 'Stalag 13' sergeant when it comes to this -- our very lives depend on them not being so.

But if our current President is any indication, we certainly have reason to be fearful!

Very fearful.