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Could it Happen Here?
October 2, 2001
by Madison

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One of the running debates my husband and I have had over many years has been whether a type of Nazi Germany could ever happen here. I have maintained that it could not because we have an aggressively free press that prides itself on its honor, and on its relentless pursuit of true facts.

My husband has resolutely maintained that a type of Nazi Germany could happen here or anywhere.

I think, sorrowfully, that I am beginning to come around to his way of thinking.

The one element in our American society that I relied on so heavily is somnolent. The press tigers have been fed too much zoo-food and are sleeping off their aggression. Lulled into a sense of blind patriotism, the working press has, for the most part, concluded that "now" is not the right time to look for actual facts: "now" is the time to accept blindly whatever the White House tells them is fact.

Earlier, the press had apparently concluded that "now" was not the "right time" to be aggressive because this was a "new" presidential administration. And they came to that conclusion in spite of having told us relentlessly throughout the recent campaign that this would be the most veteran administration ever to take the reins of power. "They" had all been Washington "players" before. Therefore there would be no learning curve. Now, some press people continue to drone on nine months into this "veteran" administration -- that our 55 year-old president is "shy," new at his job, and must be cut some slack when he utters inflammatory, warlike, stupid words.

We are being told by senators and House members alike that U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and our president will need unprecedented powers and unprecedented money and allowance for unprecedented secrecy to wage a war that could go for how long?

Well, we can't speculate on "how long," our president tells us. He will need to wage this war in secret, no reporters allowed up at "the front." They will be briefed by Pentagon or Bush administration officials.

How will we know if we are "winning" this "war," we ask. Can't say, explains the Bush White House. We'll tell you what we think you should know, when we think you should know it. You'll have to trust us.

Are some "friends" of this administration going to make tons of money while we are waging this open-ended "war"? Wash your mouth out with soap. Be a patriot. Trust our president.

But whatever, you do, don't rely on the current working press to balk at all of this. Shh-h, they're napping.