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The Unspoken Tragedy September 29, 2001
We must remember that dissent is our birthright. by William Rivers Pitt

The Daily War Watch
Gorilla Warfare September 29, 2001
Sometimes being a mere primate isn't enough. Sometimes certain people demand we descend all the way to ape-hood. by J B

A Black New Yorker's Open Letter to Mayor Giuliani September 29, 2001
I hear you wish to spend another term in office. That won't be necessary. by Tom Grayman

The Notion of Self September 29, 2001
In a past life, while preparing thirty wildly disinterested high school students for a history exam the state insisted that I give them, I was presented with an interesting challenge. by Michael Burgess

Life, Liberty, and Introspection September 28, 2001
The psychotic holocaust that was inflicted upon this sweet land of liberty by the terribly misguided cult of elusive strangers over two weeks ago has nearly knocked the world off its axis. by Maren L. Hickton

An Open Letter to the President September 28, 2001
To prosecute this vital war you need the trust of patriotic liberals like me. by Dave Conroy

The Pro-Deathers September 28, 2001
Our favorite conservative moralizers seem to have suddenly given up on their "pro-life" kick. by birdman

Orwell's Stepson September 28, 2001
Today I read a column from a true wingnut and it really cheered me up. by Morris Smith

The Framing of Frenzied Minds September 27, 2001
Piercing through all the horror and grief of the September 11 tragedy is the total ignorance and lack of knowledge some Americans have towards the Middle East. by Breasley Bruin

An Open Letter to Sears and Fed Ex September 27, 2001
With regards to recent events concerning negative publicity surrounding Bill Maher and some comments he may or may not have made... by John Larson

The Daily War Watch
Clancy-izing America September 27, 2001
I feel like I'm reading a novel. The characters are engaged in tunnel vision, as written characters often are. by J B

Sacrifice? Unity? Patriotism? Who Says? September 26, 2001
Last Thursday night Bush spoke of a need to tighten our belts for the upcoming conflict. This apparently does not include CEO's, the extremely wealthy, and Wall Street. by Prodigal Son

Gut-Check September 26, 2001
A gut-check, in my family, is the moment of deliberation when you decide what to think or do in the aftermath of a calamity or moral dilemma. by William Rivers Pitt

Bloodthirsty Company September 26, 2001
Our Government has a long history of facile condemnation of terrorists, while at the same time forging ties with those same individuals to help further American foreign policy. by L. Gordon Peterson

The Digital Knockout September 25, 2001
Hackers could soon face life imprisonment under the Anti-Terrorist Act. by Elad

The Profits of War September 25, 2001
Now is the time for all good toadies to come to the aid of their contributors. by Kurt Kurowski

The Living Cities September 25, 2001
Cities breathe. Cities think. Cities can be hurt. Cities grow. Cities sleep. Cities are alive. by John Mickevich

Presidents Do Matter September 24, 2001
The title of this article seems obvious, until you realize that we had a whole election where everyone pretended Presidents didn't matter. by Dave Conroy

Unity is a Two Way Street September 24, 2001
During this crisis we've been hearing a lot about "unity" and supporting the President. So okay, let's have unity. by John Emerson

An Unwinnable War? September 22, 2001
Going to war, especially against Afghanistan, is not only wrong, but also useless, and above all, dangerous. by The Plaid Adder

The End of Cynicism September 22, 2001
In these times I have been told that to criticize the President is an unpatriotic, un-American act, and there is a part of me that wants to believe that. by EarlG

Bush is not America September 22, 2001
War policy deserves more scrutiny and attention from the public than any other decision a President can make.

Yearning for a Leader September 22, 2001
I guess that in the end, character does matter. by Robert C.

Cooksey Should Simmer Down September 21, 2001
Every person has their own unique way of grieving. A few individuals lose all of their judgment skills and mental faculties altogether. Enter John Cooksey. by Rodney Jay C. Salinas

Dumb Mailbag September 21, 2001
The recent hate mail we've been receiving is so utterly shocking that we thought it would be only fair to give you the lighter stuff... presenting the Dumb Mailbag.

The Daily War Watch
Now Wolfowitz Lead. Bombs for Everyone! September 21, 2001
The Bush Administration is split among two main battle lines - until someone, especially someone named Colin Powell, is forced out of the administration. by J B

We The People September 20, 2001
This past week, I have noticed that people are talking about what America means to them. by AJA

The Bitter Angels of our Nature September 20, 2001
It is far too easy to plan mayhem and murder. It is much, much harder to react with care and with forethought. by ThomPain

History in the Making September 20, 2001
We are forever changed as a country, as a unified people, and as individual human beings. America is a different America,today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives. by Isabel

No Excuses September 18, 2001
We should be profoundly grateful that so many legitimate leaders are filling, with such heroic ability, the holes Mr. Bush has left gaping. by Burt Worm

Heart of Darkness Redux September 18, 2001
I want to say something that sounds like the right thing, that sounds like I have some grasp already on what I know will shape into a new war. by Jennifer Velasco-Cafagna

Falwell's Fall from Grace September 18, 2001
Jerry Falwell has recently offered his third in a series of "apologies." by Mel Dugosh

Defining the Enemy September 18, 2001
How do you tell a terrorist from a freedom fighter? By whether he has succeeded or not. by Sam Adams

Doomed to Repeat Failure: Big Time! September 18, 2001
We are NOT able to eradicate "evil" and must plan, not react. by Athlien

Questions Without Answers September 18, 2001
Sooner or later, literally and figuratively, the smoke will clear and the public will demand answers to certain questions. by Orwell Thompson

On Patriotism September 18, 2001
I am an American, and that really means something to me now. by Athlien

The Daily War Watch
War Perhaps, But Not Stupid War September 18, 2001
As long as they're calling it war, the War Watch will pay attention, bringing a skeptical eye. The Daily Whopper will return when circumstances dictate. by J B

1609 - 2001: Discovery to Destruction September 18, 2001
It was a beautiful late-summer day in 1609 when Henry Hudson entered the mouth of the river and captured his first glimpse of the island known today as Manhattan. by Jorge Root

9/11, Part Five September 17, 2001
by Dave Conroy, Michelle, Lois Erwin, Kevin Tavris, and Alan Hale.

9/11, Part Four September 15, 2001
by The Plaid Adder, Nikelaus Lubard, LTMONTSTER3, Noel O'Connor, and Myra Bronstein

9/11, Part Three September 15, 2001
by Prodigal Son, John Sickels, Sue B., and Lady Logan

9/11, Part Two September 14, 2001
by J. McNerney, Buzzflash, Rick Welsh, Charlie Myers, The Boggionis, Amy Larimer, Kurt Kurowski, BML, Pete Thomas, Ian Waldron-Mantagni, and tygrbright

9/11, Part One September 14, 2001
by Oliver Dictado, William Pitt, Raeefa Shams, and Mark McKenzie

Yin vs. Yang September 8, 2001
I've recently been thinking about the yin/yang dualities of our country's competing political philosophies. by Robert C.

Getting our House in Order September 8, 2001
I think we need to forget about letter writing campaigns to the mass media and conservatives of all stripes, and start writing to Dems. by Tom Plachta

Come Together September 8, 2001
What Democrats and Greens need to realize now is that the other guy is not the enemy, the GOP is. by Matt McDonald

This is Foreign Policy?
September 7, 2001
Is the US so desperate to destroy the basis of international relations, the treaty system? You know, like non-proliferation, UN conventions, Geneva conventions, arms control? It certainly seems so. by J B

Postcards from the Edge of the Health Care Debate September 7, 2001
I would like to believe that our government is at least as coherent as I am in the midst of a tumor-induced seizure. by Olaf the White

Embracing Labor: America's Most Valuable Commodity September 6, 2001
At a time when U.S. employees are being laid-off by the thousands, I believe we need to focus on finding creative ways to fairly employ our own workforce before we embark on providing a job placement service for other countries. by Maren L. Hickton

George II - Act 1, Scene 2 September 6, 2001
The next installment in this recently-discovered Shakespeare play is revealed... compiled by Aaron DeTyre

Stealing Social Security September 6, 2001
Is there a non-Social Security surplus? We all know that it is gone now thanks to George Bush. But was there one to begin with? by Dave Conroy

"Slandering" Jesse Helms September 5, 2001
Robert Novak's recent article about the "slandering" of Jesse Helms was, shall we say, a bit over the top. by J B

Jesus, Football, and the White House September 5, 2001
Brothers and sisters, the White House is traveling down the path to mediocrity and hypocrisy, and that path is paved with prayer meetings. by Fr. Mushroom

Democratic Hope September 5, 2001
I was born and raised a Republican. So Republican, that my mother used to get Christmas cards from Richard Nixon. by John Fippinger

The Truth about Social Security September 1, 2001
The truth about Social Security is simple. It's about right and wrong, the true test of "honor and integrity" in the White House.

The Sheep Women September 1, 2001
I have started to think of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Barbara Olson, collectively, as "The Sheep Women."

Get Old and You're Lower than Garbage September 1, 2001
I hope you're not old. Or getting old. Or thinking that you might get old someday. Because, you see, it's getting awfully precarious to be old these days.