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Behind the Times August 31, 2001
Regardless what the efficiency experts tell us, life's not a treadmill and we're not chosen rodents whose manifest destiny is to run in circles until we collapse under the weight of our appetites. by Michael Burgess

Billy Beane for DNC Chairman! August 31, 2001
This would be a bold, visionary move because Beane is not an up-and-coming political consultant and beltway guru... by Jay Robison

The Indoctrination of Conservatism August 30, 2001
Perhaps it's just me, but I cannot understand how anyone who uses their brain on a regular basis and has any concern at all for his fellow man can vote Republican in this day and age. by Frederick H. Winterberg III

The "Symbolic" Pledge on Social Security
August 30, 2001
Recently, White House aides - unidentified, of course - have been claiming that Bush's Social Security pledge was "symbolic." But quite simply, Bush was lying when he made it. by J B

Gas Pains August 30, 2001
During last year's presidential campaign, Vice-President Al Gore told us that Bush was "of, by and for Big Oil." Given the evidence, it appears Mr. Gore had tapped into a rich vein of truth. by Kurt Kurowski

William Shakespeare's George II - Act 1, Scene 1 August 29, 2001
Earlier this year I had the honor of visiting Stratford-upon-Avon in England. There, by means that Scotland Yard will not allow me to disclose, I stumbled across a theatrical piece that is believed to have been written by Shakespeare himself... compiled by Aaron DeTyre

Jesse, Roger and the Ballgame August 28, 2001
You have to say one thing for the old racist, homophobic, jingoistic waste of protoplasm. He's got a pair. And they're brass ones at that. by birdman

"The Map" Gets a Second Look August 27, 2001
We've all seen one - "The Map" makes for great spin. But it also shows how easily we can win this country back. by Jonathan Lilienkamp

What I Am Worth August 27, 2001
I believe I have been told by President Bush that because I am ill with something that stem cells hold out hope for, I am worth less than garbage. by Lurking Dem

Bush Fiddles While the Middle East Burns August 25, 2001
Ask yourselves this: If you were in Bush's place, would you have spent 42% of your first six months on the job on vacation? by Prodigal Son

Weeding the First Amendment August 25, 2001
The First Amendment is the bulwark of the people. It is all that stands between us and oblivion. by William Rivers Pitt

Thoughts on the Selection August 25, 2001
Growing up my father was an influence on my interest in politics. He was a staunch Democrat who called Eisenhower Eisenhoover. The Presidential elections are my emotional connection to him. by Juanita

What Stem Cell Controversy? August 24, 2001
The idea behind the stem cell research controversy is that there should be no controversy. by Bob Volpitto

The End of an Evil Era? August 23, 2001
The stain of Jesse Helms will be upon us forever. His retirement from the Senate may remove a clear and present insult to all that is decent. by William Rivers Pitt

I Can See Why the Green Party Exists August 23, 2001
I've heard many fellow Democrats call the Greens "idealists." When did that become a bad word? I thought WE were the "idealists." by Lao Tze

It Isn't Working, George August 22, 2001
So much for the big CEO who thought he could get out of the "compound" and rule the world from his prefab house in Texas. by Maren L. Hickton

A Message of Unity August 22, 2001
I'm here for one thing, to help get elected into office people who genuinely care about all Americans and will promote the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to live the American Dream. by Lynne M. Sin

Bringing the Supply-Side Monster Back from the Dead August 21, 2001
Here the Republicans go again, trying to resuscitate a dead economic policy which has been thoroughly discredited by the economic boom built by the Clinton administration. by Richard Prasad

Earth to Tim Robbins: Politics is the Art of the Possible August 20, 2001
Maybe Mr. Robbins thinks he has made major sacrifices for his idealism that the rest of us haven't. by Lois Erwin

The Madness of the Free Market Right August 18, 2001
The Republican mentality of the free market is corporate welfare in exchange for power. by Confuscious

As Recession Looms, Rev. Hagee Rakes in the Dough August 18, 2001
Chances are that Hagee's latest pocketbook crusade will succeed in part because of Hagee's cult-like control over his church community. by Mel Dugosh

Republicans Have a Lot of Gall August 18, 2001
When Democrats stick together and fight for principles that they believe in, they win, and the country is grateful. by Richard Prasad

A Stern But Not Too Partisan Critique of the Greens  August 18, 2001
The Greens will be no more than just your ordinary third party and a potential political spoiler. by Confuscious

Dictatorships That Pass in the Night August 17, 2001
For the third time since January, Bush has joked about turning America into a dictatorship. by Robert C.

The Limbaugh Lie August 17, 2001
If the "liberal media" cliché ever had a reality, it had to have existed sometime before Rush Limbaugh burst upon the AM talk radio scene about 13 years ago. by John Garza

The Stem Cell Plot Thickens August 17, 2001
Coincidentally, Tommy Thompson's home state will benefit enormously from Bush's stem cell decision. by Ramsey Harris, MD

The Diseased Media August 16, 2001
Inaction can only prove what the corporate masters and their media puppets already believe, that this nation is ambivalent and uncaring towards the disappearance of journalistic reliability. by Joshua Downing

Tempest in a Petri Dish August 15, 2001
If there is any reason to mix politics and religion, thisis a perfect example: It's a great way to delude people. by Maren L. Hickton

We Are Neither Marie Antoinette Nor Hollywood August 15, 2001
A response to Jonah Goldberg's editorial "Marie Antoinette Goes to Hollywood." by achildleftbehind

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places August 14, 2001
There's a new romance genre in the media these days, one in which the media itself plays the starring role. by C. Schiffler

National Missile Defense Makes No Sense August 14, 2001
Governing our country is all about setting priorities. Bush supports NMD because he places its importance above that of almost all other issues. by Jeff W. Hayes

Sun Spots  August 13, 2001
If only Bush were as conscientious about saving the environment as he is about saving his own skin. by Kurt Kurowski

Environmental Solutions from an Idealist August 13, 2001
To counter Bush's foolhardy path toward environmental degradation, we have to define the problem before coming up with viable solutions. by Sandra Skolnik

Solidarity? August 10, 2001
Gore was the only person who could have stopped Nader from taking votes,but Gore chose not to. Instead of acting so self-righteously towards the Greens, you should all be admonishing Gore for allowing Nader to do it. by Feldene

Solidarity! August 10, 2001
Chandra Levy is still among the missing. So is unity on the Left. These absences are a distraction from what is needed to heal our country. by William Rivers Pitt

A Message from the A.C.L.MOO August 10, 2001
An interview with the Association of Cow Liberals. by EFF BrandyWine

I was Once a Right-Winger August 9, 2001
In my transition from right to left I only recently faced the stark truth, which was that I no longer respected or believed in the ideals of the conservative movement. by Kevin Wetherington

Send a Message to CNN August 9, 2001
I am appealing to you in order to enlist your help in preventing CNN from slipping into the dark, muddy ditch that is blatant conservative journalism... by Joshua Downing

The Devolution of Charlton Heston or Return to the Planet of the N.R.A.pes August 9, 2001
Heston. Apes. Guns. 'Nuff said. by Richard Prasad

The New Conquistadors August 8, 2001
The Conquistadors are still alive and well, except this time their mantra is the righteousness of free markets. by Christopher Harrison

Clouds on the Horizon for Bush in '02 August 8, 2001
Here are three reasons the GOP should worry in 2002. by Savagehypocrisy

Bush: End Conventions on Standards and Cannibalism August 7, 2001
In another startling challenge to international cooperation, the United States will no longer comply with treaties governing measures of length, weight, volume, the Gregorian calendar, and cannibalism. by R Goldman

Youthful Indiscretions: A Guide to Getting It On August 6, 2001
The arrogant claim of "youthful indiscretion" has never been more in vogue than it is now. by Ryan Monceaux

The Most Local Democratic Process of All August 6, 2001
It could be argued that the most local democratic process of all - even more local than city councils and school boards - are the local unions. by Ken Alford

"The Bill Show" August 4, 2001
In contrast to the plaster-brained bumpkin in the White House today, he looks like Abe Lincoln. by birdman

All They See is Oil, Gas, and Timber August 4, 2001
The right-wing in this country has a perception problem; They believe ANWR is a waste. by J. Kevin Wetherington

To the Washington Seven: Resign Now! August 4, 2001
These life-sized caricatures of political buffoonery have plagued our nation for far too long without restraint, and now their public stupidity must stop. by Bradford Shaw

Does Anyone Want a Country Like Texas? August 4, 2001
Who cleans up the mess when Bush pushes through these same policies for the entire U.S.? by Frederick H. Winterberg III

America's New Boom August 3, 2001
New prisons have created a symbiotic relationship between the rurally poor and urban poor of this country for all the wrong reasons. by Christopher Harrison

Reelect Gore: It's a Matter of Justice August 3, 2001
No other Democrat, however qualified, could begin to redress the wrong inflicted by the perpetrators of Coup 2000. by Monica Friedlander

Special Education in Texas? Nothing Special About It August 2, 2001
The assumption that all kids in Texas receive a free and appropriate public education is mere hogwash. by Mel Dugosh

The Something That's Wrong August 2, 2001
What is it about Bush that makes us so testy? Here's a guess. by Sam Stellar

The Republican Insurance Scam August 1, 2001
If an insurance company promises to cover a loss or claim, why do the Republicans want them to be able to break their promise? by Hochizen

Kerry in 2004 August 1, 2001
The temptation for us who are eagerly anticipating the end of four years of illegitimacy is to back President Gore. This thinking is short-sighted and could lead to disaster. by Chicago Jeff