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A Message of Unity
August 21, 2001
by Lynne M. Sin

I have a secret to share with all of you.

I haven't attended an organized church service outside of weddings, funerals and other functions along that line for almost 5 years now.

WHAT? Little Miss Lynne the self-touting Christian?

Yep, that's the truth. I gave up organized church ages ago. I didn't feel complete that an hour each week in a church where people were critical of those outside their own was made felt. The last church I attended spoke about raising funds to purchase a vacant lot next to their church. They were concerned that the "wrong elements" would purchase that land and cause problems for their community.

The following week I had received a pastor visit. I questioned why we would be concerned about "wrong elements" owning property next to the church. His concerns were that drug dealers or users or gangs would move in next to the church and vandalize the property. Mind you, I was living in Central Bucks County, one of the wealthier regions of the US.

I then reminded him that Jesus also associated with the "wrong elements" and embraced those people and brought many of them to God. Adulterers, lepers, thieves, tax collectors and other sorts that were considered outcasts had a major impact on the life and teachings of Jesus. The pastor didn't have a response. He thanked me for my time and left. At that point I became disenchanted about organized religion. What purpose was it serving sitting in our clean pristine churches once a week praying to God for the forgiveness of our sins only to leave and spend the rest of the week living a life like that one hour in church would somehow justify the sins.

I'm not here to convert a soul. Not to Christianity, Not to the Democratic Party and not even to the DLC. I'm here for one thing, to help get elected into office people who genuinely care about all Americans and will promote the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to live the American Dream. I envision an America where the only talk about discrimination is what our children learn in history class when they learn about the "darker times" of American History.

Faith is not what one does an hour each Sunday to "cleanse their souls". Faith is stronger than a group that gathers once a week for an hour to forgive themselves of their sins. Faith is what we do every day, every hour, every minute. Faith is the actions we do and the words we say. Faith embraces everyone as is, no questions ask. Faith is the fact that we can work together to make this world a better place to live. Faith isn't perfect, because sometimes when times are bad we have to rely on faith and ourselves that we can pull through those bad times and be even stronger.

Oh, and Faith isn't a Christian value - it's something we all have.

I've had some tough times at work recently and a move I made 6 months ago that I sometimes questions if I made the right choice. It has not been an easy time and sometimes this board has been my sanctuary. When I read threads where I "perceived" that DLC, moderates and Christians were being criticized as the downfall of the Democratic Party, I took that as a personal attack against myself. There was much anger in the last posts you've seen these past 48 hours. I'm not asking, but I'm begging on my knees that we all learn to work together and embrace each everyone as equals in a war against George Bush and those cronies all out to destroy our dream of equality. We need the DLC in our party as much as we need the Greens as our allies and welcomed friends in the Democratic Party. We may disagree on the various issues but overall we all seem to have the same goals - to make our country a better place for everyone.

This is my testimony to all of you - what can each of you do to make this country a better place for everyone? What can we do to help each other?

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