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Solidarity, Part Two
August 10, 2001
by Feldene

This message is addressed to the Democrats and others who talk down to the Greens, accuse the Greens of costing Gore the election, and call names and make insults - shame on you. The rest of you, do not take this message personally, I use phrases that are broad but they are intended for the ANTI-GREENS only.

First let me give you some background. I grew up with a conservative father and a moderately liberal mother. Election 2000 was the first presidential election where I was old enough to vote, I just turned 21. My teens were Clinton years and before that I have vivid memories of the Reagan/Bush Sr. years that never made sense until recently.

For awhile I thought I might be conservative. Spending my teens with Clinton in office, I saw Clinton as 'the man' whom I despised. The big bad government who was out to get me. Once I approached 20, after I actually got out on my own when I was 18, I started to wake up politically and educate myself on American politics. I woke up to the lies I had been fed in my teens by the media. I decided to choose my political affiliation.

I didn't say, "Hmm, which party do I like?" I said, "Here is what I believe is right and good - what do the Democrats and Republicans think about this?" Of course, at this time I was under the impression that the Democrats were liberal, so I decided that the Democrats were my party. I defined myself as a liberal, not a "non-conservative". It seems the only selling point the Democrats have nowadays is "Why vote Democratic? Well, we're not Republicans!"

There were things that Clinton did that pissed me off, specifically supporting NAFTA and signing the DMCA. But when 2000 came along, as a staunch Clinton supporter on 99% of the issues, I was appalled at the thought of Gore claiming the Democratic nomination.

Why? Because Gore is a centrist. Clinton was in the middle as well, more than I would like to see in a perfect world, but I don't feel he abandoned his liberal base, like Gore did. I mentioned my memories of the Reagan/Bush Sr. years that never made sense. Let me tell you what those memories were. Deficit. Everytime my dad turned on the news, national debt, deficit spending, recession, etc. It was the absolute hottest issue, and with good reason. At the time I didn't understand what the big deal was, but I remember that you couldn't listen to the news for 10 minutes back then without hearing the words 'deficit' or 'debt'.

For this reason, I knew what a farce the Reagan/Bush conservatives were. I knew they were not out to lead this country but to screw us. I sat up at nights fighting out this absurd battle between the lunacy (in my mind, at least, considering everyone hated the national deficit and Clinton took care of it, why would anyone even consider voting for a Bush?) of a Bush running and a centrist like Gore running. Why? Because the conservatives are supposed to be the ones concerned with winning at all costs, and the liberals are supposed to be the ones concerned with idealism and doing what is right even if it means losing!

The appeal of the Democratic party to me was not because 'Hey, they're not Republican!' It was because I spent years working for minimum wage, fighting with a shitty education system, trying to dig out a place for myself and my ideals in this world and earn a living without giving tens of thousands of dollars to a BS institution who promises nothing but to issue me a piece of goddamned paper.

But then comes the DLC.... openly admitting to centristism for the sole goal of winning elections! Well excuuuuse me for despising such blatant bullshit! If you want to win elections, go be a damn Republican and pull it to the middle! John McCain will welcome you! And he supports many things that Democrats hold dear to their hearts. If you want to go down in history for being courageous enough to stand up for what's right, no matter how unpopular (racial equality, social security, minimum wage, etc) and affect real change to make the world a better place, be a Democrat! You'll be scorned, you'll be ridiculed, and you'll have to fight 10x as hard to win a damn election, but you'll know you did the right thing and those movements have gone down in history and will continue to go down in history. But you "party line" Democrats who care about nothing but winning will not.

There is one, and only one thing, in the entire friggin' world that would have stopped Ralph Nader from "stealing" Gore's votes (as if Gore owned those votes or was entitled to them, how arrogant of you) and that was for Gore to move to the left. Nader would not have been given the time of day if Gore hadn't said he supported the death penalty, if Gore had spoken against unabashed free trade, if Gore had come out fighting instead of acting like a scared, wet dog hiding from the storm that is the mighty conservatives! Gore was the only person who could have stopped Nader from taking votes, but Gore chose not to. Instead of acting so self-righteously towards the Greens, you should all be admonishing Gore for allowing Nader to do it.

I will not continue to support a party that does not even try to represent my views! You guys who call the Greens names and talk down to them are acting like children. Your can't even realize that Gore and the DLC are the ones who made it all possible.

You know what's funny... when the Republicans were blabbing about how Gore was going to lose the popular vote and win the Electoral College, and how they were going to fight it tooth and nail, I vowed then that I would fight for Bush if he won the popular vote and lost the Electoral College - solely because I believe in the people's will, even if I disagree with the people's choice. THAT is what it means to have ideals and stand by them. THAT is what it means to say "Hey, this is the right thing to do. I will not violate my ethics simply to win a damn election."

Everytime I hear another Republican-style attack against the Greens, and yes you people DO sound like republicans when you attack the Greens (calling names and other immature crap simply because of a difference of a opinion), which usually include "Well Shrub has proven that there IS a difference between the Dems and Repugs!" I think, "Silly person, you're proving with every word that the gap between the Dems and Repubs is closing, by being so goddamned closed-minded and intolerant that you resort to petty attacks."

I am utterly disgusted.

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