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August 9, 2001
by Joshua Downing

Dear Friends of Democracy:

I am appealing to you in order to enlist your help in preventing CNN from slipping into the dark, muddy ditch that is blatant conservative journalism.

It was recently annouced that Mr. Walter Isaacson, the CNN chief, has been meeting with top Republican lackeys in an effort to steer CNN towards a right-wing agenda (

This would mean that the vast right-wing conspiracy can claim yet another major news outlet as an ally in the war against not only Democrats, but democracy and fair, unbiased journalism.

I would like to offer the possiblility of beginning a letter writing campaign in order to dissuade Mr. Isaacson from pursuing his plans to attract conservative viewers. I believe that we could mount a visible opposition and clearly state that there are many who would detest and boycott CNN for a shift to the right.

You discuss, as well as other members, the sad state of journalism in America - well this is an oppurtunity to voice that opinion to a network that hasn't yet fully succumbed to whatever rotting disease that networks like Fox News have contracted.

I believe that this is a perfect chance to show that we are not a minority and hold a large market share, and that a jump to the right would do more harm than good for the network.

This is my personal letter to Mr. Isaacson:

Dear Mr. Isaacson,

I am appalled by your attempts to court conservative and right-leaning television viewers by pleading to leading GOP leaders for advice on how to appeal to their constituents. I am dismayed by your lack of respect for the fundamentals of journalism, which include reporting the news unbiased and without spin, and presenting facts untainted by ideology.

I understand that you must attempt to rescue the network from the sagging ratings that threaten your wallet, however, compromising journalistic integrity is not the way to do it. If you continue with your plans to reach out to the right-wing viewers by luring them in with sensationalistic, vapid, and factually deprived programming akin to what is seen on Fox News, then you have lost another viewer.

I'm sure that my sentiments are not isolated and that your actions will end up being more of a shot in the foot than a shot in the arm for CNN.


Joshua Downing

Democratic Underground would like to encourage all of our members to participate in this letter writing campaign. Please mail your comments to Mr. Walter Isaacson at The more people that write, the more effective this campaign will be.

For further information, see Media Whores Online.

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