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Clouds on the Horizon for Bush in '02
August 8, 2001
by Savagehypocrisy

A funny thing happened on the way to the election in '00. America got BUSHED! Thats right, our model of the perfect government was taken over by people who have been out of the mainstream so long they still think it's 1981. From the wicked witch of Fla. to the inept leadership of an older brother, the United States has been overthrown by the cold-hearted group of warmongers known as the GOP. Now I got that out of the way here are three reasons the GOP should worry in '02:
Point I, The Economy

That's right, lets take a credit line out on the budget and give it to the infamous 1%. After all, how can people with no money spend money? Remember our parents and grandparents told us when we were young to save our money? Now our new resident is telling us to spend our money for the good of the economy while he gives away the surplus to his privet and corporate donors. Remember, this rebate is not a rebate at all, only an advance on next years return. So if the bottom falls out before August 15 and taxpayers find out that they were screwed and get no money back in '02 because they already got most of their refund in rebate form, the GOP will suffer for it. Not to forget the people who are already pissed because they thought they were going to get something and got nothing. Ironically enough, these were the same people the rebate was designed to help.

Point II, The Environment

If Dumbya thinks standing in front of a bunch of trees while he lies through his teeth at another photo-op is going to help him he should think again. The difference between people who say one thing and mean another and people who actually believe in what they are doing is the same as the difference between Bush and Gore. Americans do not support drilling in the ANWR or opening up our parks for Dick and his fun boys. Doesn't anybody else find it odd that while we pay outlandish
bills caused by GOP deregulation the Navy foots the bill for Dick? I think it's an outrage and so will a lot of broke people going to the polls in '02.

Point III, Stemcell research

Boy oh boy, Karl and the other handlers didn't see this coming. If they did they probably wouldn't have gone to all that trouble to steal the election. You have Pro-life, Pro-research, Pro-choice, and Pro-cure and the only thing they have in common is they are all Anti-Bush. Bush is in way over his head to begin with. Even the Pope said leave me out of this one. So ol' Dumbya is all on his own for this one. No matter which way he goes it still costs him, and the GOP, a lot of votes.

These aren't the only points.  Trent's nervous, (the press doesn't love him anymore, unless you count FOX, but they are so biased they cancel themselves out), and Karl got caught with a fist full of Intel stock.

I would be worried too, but remember Bush is not up for re-election yet. This will be a good way to see how hard it is going to be to steal the '04 election.

I see all of this coming back to haunt Bush in the form of voter turnout in '02 and '04. All the Republicans that could vote, did vote in the '00 elections and they still lost by 500,000. In '02 let's work for a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. And then the elected office of President in 2004!

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