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"The Bill Show"
August 4, 2001
by birdman

"The Bill Show"

“The Man Show,” for those unfamiliar with it, is an outrageous mock-sexist half hour on the Comedy Central network. The hosts, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla slam back mugs of beer and openly discuss things like masturbation while the testosterone driven members of the audience ogle the scantily-clad “juggies” who dance suggestively before and after commercial breaks. The show ends each week with a sequence called “Girls on Trampolines” where well-endowed ladies do splits and jiggle away as the shows theme song plays.

On a recent show Kimmel talked about how much men love to watch lesbians in action and proceeded to take a camera out onto the street to offer pairs of young women fifty dollars apiece if they would French-kiss one another for the cameras. When one pair seemed amenable but still acted reluctant Kimmel urged them on by saying “Please, ladies, my erection is subsiding.”

The best thing about “The Man Show” is that it severely jacks up the blood pressure of those who make their living telling the rest of us how we're sending society to hell in a hand basket. L. Brent Bozell, professional stuffed-shirt who seems to have made it his life's work to bring back the fifties, hates “The Man Show” so much that he actually said that it made him long for political correctness. Worse for the Bozells of the world, a show that he and the rest of the this-is-what-destroyed-the-Roman-Empire crowd despise even more opened in New York this week.

Bill Clinton.

He stood in front of that cheering, singing crowd in Harlem and celebrated the opening of his post-presidential offices. Has the opening of any other ex-presidents office gotten even a mention in the news? CNN and Fox networks actually cut away from a presidential speech to cover Bill's big move. One must wonder what went through the minds of Karl Rove and Karen Hughes as they realized that that their little boy's blinking teleprompter-driven stammering is so easily overwhelmed by the presence of someone who no longer even holds any office. Congressman Charlie Rangel rubbed salt in the wound by calling Clinton "the last president we ever had who was elected."

Clinton is a political Jimmy Kimmel. One of the reasons that we love Clinton so much is that he so brazenly pokes his fingers in the eyes of the Bozells of the world. You can almost see Bozell hyperventilating and screaming at his TV as he was watched Bill's opening day in Harlem:

“Don't they realize it wasn't his first choice? He wanted the Carnegie Towers and backed off when it became bad P.R.!”

“What about the pardons? The White House sleepovers?”

“What about the damn cigars in the intern he said he never had sex with?”

Sorry, Brent. We know all about it all and we don't care. The things I did care about with Clinton -- and in fact at one point had me very angry with him (the bungling of the health care issue and the disgraceful signing of the welfare “reform” bill) -- are beyond his ability to rectify now. In contrast to the plaster-brained bumpkin in the White House today he looks like goddamn Abe Lincoln.

“The Bill Show.” If it drives creeps like Bozell crazy, let's hope it has a long run.

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