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Reelect Gore: It's a Matter of Justice
August 3, 2001
by Monica Friedlander

This is a response to the article "Kerry in 2004."

If sentimentality is not good enough a reason to renominate our president in exile, then our burning desire for justice should. No other Democrat, however qualified, could begin to redress the wrong inflicted on our presumed-democracy by the perpetrators of Coup 2000. Only Al Gore can deliver us not just from evil, but from injustice, and claim his rightful place among America's elected presidents.

But for a Democrat, some say, the next presidential race is not just about justice, or even about qualifications (which few would contend Gore lacks): it's about winning. And one of the most pervasive myths being propagated by the powers that be, who fear a Gore-Bush rematch, is that Al Gore is somehow less capable of winning again than his untried Democratic rivals including some who have yet to finish a single term in the Senate! Lest anyone forget: Last year Al Gore won the presidency by almost a million votes, more than anyone in American history but Ronald Reagan -- and most likely by a lot more than that had all intended Gore votes been cast and counted.

Gore's only true obstacle is an adversary press. But to the extent that the fourth estate will back W to its last breath, any Democrat will end up in its line of fire. If anything, Gore's already been there, done that. He knows the ropes, and if he made mistakes (which he undoubtedly has) he also has the chance to correct them.

Finally and most importantly, for a party aching for revenge, Gore can fire up the base like no other candidate. Democratic activists want justice not just for Al Gore, but for our stolen votes for him, and for the future of our children who will live in a worse world because Al Gore was not allowed to serve. Sure we'll throw the bums out of the White House no matter who our nominee is. But now we'll walk through fire for Al Gore.

In 2000 he was the best candidate. Now Al Gore is the best candidate, but he's also our cause. You can't beat credentials like that.

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