Democratic Underground


JULY 2001

An Open Letter to the World July 31, 2001
Just a friendly note to let you know that the imposter who is flitting around the globe, purporting to "represent" the United States, does not represent the majority of us. by SoCalDem

An Evening with John Stuart Mill and Marilyn vos Savant July 31, 2001
A conversation on individual virtue and civic virtue, as understood by two of the smartest people who have ever lived. by Slow_Simmer

Beware the Yellow Rain July 30, 2001
Bush/Cheney has put the fox in charge of the henhouse and is now telling us that the henhouse has never been safer. by Christopher Harrison

Why do Republicans Trash the 1960's? July 30, 2001
As an amateur historian I've always been intrigued by the 1960's and the people who represented this decade.. by Orwell Thompson

A Case For Gore July 30, 2001
It has been suggested on this Web site and in other media outlets that Gore doesn't deserve another chance. I disagree. by Orwell Thompson

The Globalization Puzzle July 28, 2001
We must use the WTO to tame the globalization beast. However, the WTO needs reform. by Thomas Sturgess

Oppressive Enemies? July 28, 2001
I am being punished, persecuted, and politically discriminated against because I reject the colonial grip that the U.S. hold on my island. by Anonymous of Puerto Rico

The Sins of the Daughters July 28, 2001
There's a fairness problem in the way the media treats the Bush twins - but it's not what you'd think. by Mark M. Eide

Has Anybody Seen My Old Friend Carlo? July 28, 2001
Our government and its right-wing media would like for us to accept their opinion of protesters. by Jorge Root

Bush-Putin Agreement: Don't Pop the Cork on the Champagne Bottle Yet July 27, 2001
I don't suppose we can call a do over on an international agreement can we? by Richard Prasad

The Church-State Quagmire July 27, 2001
The public is entitled to a more substantive discussion of Stem Cell Research. by Maren L. Hickton

Volunteering to Win July 27, 2001
You can make an important difference on polling day. by Lynne M. Sin

The Bush Media Whitewash July 26, 2001
To come across as a headlining act, all Bush needs is a headline... and an act. by Jeffrey Kramer

Laughing at Himself, or Laughing at Us? July 26, 2001
Remember when Bush bragged about his bad grades at Yale? by The Plaid Adder

Guilty of Crimes Against the Planet July 25, 2001
The Bush administration is planning and executing a war against the Earth. by Steve Collins

My Grandma Ruth, Alzheimer's, and Stem Cell Research July 25, 2001
An open letter to Mr. Bush. by Modem Butterfly

From the Desk of George W. Bush July 24, 2001
BREAKING! DU has a high-level "mole" in the White House. Get the latest leaks directly from the desk of George W. Bush. as told to Rebecca Salcedo

The Florida Puzzle, Part I July 24, 2001
The picture on the front of the box is of a stolen election, and the missing piece, of course, is a peninsula-shaped object that vaguely resembles Florida. by Carol Schiffer

Faux News, Real Views, and the Slow Recovery of Critical Thinking July 24, 2001
What will happen when a growing divide is perceived between the news as the conservative broadcast editors and owners see it, and the news as it is reported on the Internet? by Slow_Simmer

Addicted to Power July 24, 2001
It's time to say NO to enabling further energy abuse. by Maren L. Hickton

Get the Government Off Our Backs? July 23, 2001
Capitalism and individuality can only thrive as part of a social organization. by Ken Alford

The Biggest Embezzlement of All Time July 23, 2001
Private pension plans which own government bonds think they own the safest assets available. But do they? by Stanley C. Simon

America at the NA Meeting July 21, 2001
Hi, I'm the USA and I might be a crystal meth addict. by Richard Morell

Supreme Court Hot Potatoe July 21, 2001
DU Exclusive: Bush Considers Quayle for Supreme Court by FDRLincoln

Of Baseball, Penn State, and the Coup D'Etat July 20, 2001
Many of us might have stared into the face of omens and portents, and didn't realize what they meant. I know I didn't. by Tom Paine

Al, About '04... July 20, 2001
You blew it and you don't deserve a second chance. by birdman

It Happened Here July 19, 2001
Move on, we are told. The election is over. I cannot get over it. It happened here. by FDRLincoln

If You Like How George W. Bush Ran the Texas Rangers, Then You Will Love How He Runs the Country July 19, 2001
George W. Bush should be glad that politics isn't baseball, if it were he would have struck out many times already. by Richard Prasad

The Face of American Extremism July 19, 2001
We are fond of dismissing the resident as a dull witted fascist. by Mark M. Eide

Outing the Salvation Army July 18, 2001
I used to think it was a good idea to donate to the Salvation Army, but not anymore. by Rodney Jay C. Salinas

The Rural Riddle July 18, 2001
Why is it that rural areas support Republicans in far greater numbers than their Democratic counterparts? by Patrick O'Brien

Waiting for God - D'oh! July 18, 2001
Do you ever wonder why the religious right has been so active for the last 25 years? by Neil Gillian

An Open Letter to Trent Lott July 16, 2001
Senator Lott, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration. by Myra Bronstein

High Noonan July 16, 2001
Unfortunately the kind of phrases that made Peggy a good speechwriter also make her the worst journalist in America. by birdman

Republicratic Crap July 16, 2001
Is it worth the election of a dunce with an oil complex just to make a point so few will herald? I would say not. by achildleftbehind

The Test is Not the Answer July 16, 2001
The craze for national testing is like the craving for sugar to cure an appetite: it may feel good, but it doesn't address the problem. by Susan Tait

You Might Be a Republican if... July 16, 2001
Don't know if you're a Blue Dog Democrat or a real Compassionate Conservative? by John Cory

The Long Kiss Goodnight July 14, 2001
You wanted it so badly that you took it, George, and now you must face us. by William Rivers Pitt

Shootout at the Freeker Constitutional Convention  July 14, 2001
They were interesting times, living up to the full potential of the proverbial Chinese curse... by Art Bushwald

Of T-Shirts and Burning Flags July 14, 2001
It's time for yet another pointless debate on the constitutionality of flag burning. by Steven C. Day

Votes for Sale: Highest Bidders Accepted July 13, 2001
What's the problem with what amounts to campaign bribery reform? by Maren L. Hickton

They Will Destroy You and Your Nation July 12, 2001
The right-wing hatchet-handlers must feel like they have the country by the balls. by Ken Alford

Boycott Everything July 11, 2001
Robert Kennedy said that one person could make a difference. Easy for you to say, kid. by William Rivers Pitt

Pardons, Two Bushes, and Two Clintons July 11, 2001
What's the big deal about Roger Clinton? by Lois Erwin

A Question from an African American July 10, 2001
My hope has always been that there are decent Americans out there that oppose this assault on the African-American community. by Desiree Lindsay

Protecting Religious Freedom July 09, 2001
We must be vigilant in protecting our individual rights.. by Maren L. Hickton

Looking for a Few Good Deputies July 09, 2001
I am willing to trust John McCain. I am willing to let him be a Republican and still have my backing. by Jorge Root

The Cuddly and Lovable Robert Novak July 07, 2001
Granted, Bob Novak is a conservative icon, but what makes him so cuddly and lovable? by Bradford Shaw

Apropos Patriotism July 07, 2001
It seems fashionable to slang "patriotism" right now amongst my fellow-liberals. As a bona fide semantics geek, this makes me nervous. by TygrBright

Books Don't Kill People - People Kill People July 07, 2001
You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers! Oh, and here are the books you wanted for your bonfire... by Jonathan Lilienkamp

NixxonMobil July 06, 2001
Yo! Lee Raymond, put a boycott in the bank! by Susan Sigandres

The Death of Disagreement July 06, 2001
Why isn't disagreement a buttress of Republicanism, which affirms the values of individualism? by Slow_Simmer

Dubya Can't Hide His Spots July 05, 2001
The "Great Pretender" must do more than simply shovel taxcuts and platitudes to his supporters. by Ken Alford

Let Dubya Live Like Archie Bunker for a While July 05, 2001
Maybe we could move Dubya and his kind into their own little 704 Houser Street. by Whyzayker

Ghost in the Machine July 04, 2001
America may appear to be humming along as usual, but she is now haunted. by William Rivers Pitt

TygrBright Responds July 04, 2001
We must turn on the vast numbers of voters who have been turned off by the corporate-driven agendas controlling both Parties. by TygrBright

The Cynic's Approach to Democratic Victory July 03, 2001
We may not always like it but "big tents" win. Small ones lose. by birdman

The Ten Stages of Republicanism July 03, 2001
Exactly what the title says it is. by John Cory

The Breakfast Club July 03, 2001
Just when we think we saved 8 or 9 cents at the gas pump, someone else sneaks up to grab that change. by Maren L. Hickton

A Message to the World July 02, 2001
We know he makes you angry, but put yourself in our shoes. We have to live with the ineptitude, the embarrassment, the smirk and giggle routine. by Whyzayker