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An Open Letter to the World
July 31, 2001
by SoCalDem

Just a friendly note to let you know that the imposter who is flitting around the globe, purporting to "represent" the United States, does not represent the majority of us. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for foisting this idiot upon the world stage.

You see, we had an election in November 2000, and the majority of our nation voted for the other guy. Unfortunately, for us and you too, the imposter and his henchmen, through devious means, managed to usurp the wishes of the nation and weasel their way into power. Being the civilized, law-abiding people that we are, we were under the assumption that "things would work out" correctly.

What we hadn't counted on was that this guy's Daddy had people in high places who were evidently able to "call in some favors," and the not-so Supreme Court appointed him to the presidency.

We apologize to Mother Earth. This guy is going to rape you, drill holes in you, fill your atmosphere with noxious fumes, pile excrement on you, and expect you to say "Thank You George Bush."

We apologize to the poor of the world. This guy doesn't care that you even exist. The payback to his "Oily Buddies" comes first... so please step to the back of the line.

We apologize to the freedom-loving countries of the world, but this person seems determined to break any treaty that stands in the way of repaying the "military complex" who footed the bill for a large portion of his coup d'etat.

We apologize to the animals and resources of the world. You are an "asset" that he wants to exploit. Animals are game to him and trees are but potential plywood.

41 months is a long time, but believe us when we say to you we are MAD AS HELL and we won't take this a second longer than we have to.

We appreciate the fact that you are brave enough to protest and stand up to this puny excuse of a human. We do try to protest here, but the Ultra-Conservative Right-Wing has purchased control of our media, so that whenever a protest is waged, it is not widely reported.

Please fly your protest banners high. Please keep your media involved in exposing the truth. When you protest and bare your behinds it DOES make news here. Please continue, and flash some behind for us.

When Europe was in danger in the past, the people of the United States came to your aid and stood shoulder to shoulder to redeem democracy and freedom. Now it is your turn to repay the favor to the majority of the Americans who are being opressed from within.

We may not have the media voice to get the word out to the world, but we are many, and order will be restored with your help.

Again, please accept our sincerest apologies.

The American Majority

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