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The Long Kiss Goodnight
July 14, 2001
by William Rivers Pitt

"No more tears now; I will think upon revenge." - Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

You wanted it, George.

You wanted it so badly that you campaigned for months as a moderate, a 'compassionate conservative' who wished only to return dignity and honor to the White House while performing the bidding of the people. Any fool with eyes and a functioning mind can see today the depths of your campaign lies. You are no moderate, and nothing about your agenda is compassionate. The honor you swore to uphold does not exist within your shriveled corporate soul. There will be a reckoning.

Oh, how badly you wanted it. Abraham Lincoln once observed that once the "presidential grub" starts gnawing at a person, it becomes impossible to ignore. You know all about that, because you wanted it so badly. While campaigning, you said you didn't much care whether you won or not. That was merely one lie among the astounding galaxy of lies you have told. You wanted it, George.

You wanted it so badly you allowed it to be stolen for you.

You wanted it so badly that you allowed a new breed of Brownshirt thug to be unleashed upon our American soil, Republican operatives who stormed vote-counting centers and intimidated people seeking only to follow the law into abandoning a process that almost certainly would have cost you the election. This does not carry the whiff of Fascism, George. It fairly reeks of it. We know the names of those Brownshirts, George. There will be a reckoning.

You wanted it so badly that you allowed James Baker III to lie, and lie and lie again before the American people. You allowed him to take advantage of the sorry fact that television journalism does not investigate news, but merely broadcasts what it hears, like an echo chamber stretching from coast to coast. You did not rein him in, George, you did not stop his lies, because you wanted it so badly. There will be a reckoning.

You wanted it so badly that you have made no public comment about ChoicePoint and the thousands of African Americans who were torn from the voting rolls in Florida because they were mistakenly labeled as felons. The margin in Florida was 537 votes, George, because thousands of Black voters who went 9-1 against you nationally were denied their voice yet again. Election reform would be a great and necessary service to American democracy, and would repair the terrible damage done to the Voting Rights Act of 1964 in November. You do not speak to that, George, because it does not suit your purposes. You need those people to be disenfranchised in order to keep your party in power. There will be a reckoning.

You wanted it so badly, George, that you placed your hand upon a Bible on January 20th and swore an oath to the foulest lie ever put forth by a court in this land. You took the office, George, knowing that the Supreme Court decision that granted you power was a farce. Do you know that, technically, there are no more legal counties in America anymore, nor states, nor state officials? That is what the 'Equal Protection' decision in Bush v. Gore means, a decision the majority on that court was too cowardly even to sign their names upon. Not even your friends can show their faces and defend that decision. There will be a reckoning.

You wanted it, George. You wanted it so very badly that you did all these things, and allowed all these things to transpire in your name.

You wanted it, and now you have it.

How does it taste?

To be sure, the chair behind your ill-gotten desk is comfortable. You are surrounded by history in that House you have taken. Are you haunted by the ghosts that dwell there? Are you stalked down the halls and in your bed by the shades of men and women whose greatness so completely demonstrates the poverty of your spirit?

Pick up a phone and you can have a sandwich in three minutes. That must be nice. But you are a child of vast wealth, George, so having footmen is nothing new for you. Air Force One must be the best perk of all. The engines roar and you are lifted off this tired earth into the heavens, away from the protesters that shadow your every move. Not even Clinton was hounded as you are. The press does not report on this phenomenon, but we know they are there. So do you. Do you wish Nixon was still alive, so you could ask him for advice about this?

You wanted it, George. Is it everything you expected? Are you bothered by the fact that a vast majority of Americans see you as a figurehead, jerked to and fro by Dick Cheney and Karl Rove? Are you hurt by the fact that most Americans consider you to be a sub-par intellect? Do you pray at night for Cheney's heart? Do your hands tremble at the thought of having to do the job all by yourself?

The job is yours now, George. You must face your dwindling poll numbers. You must choke upon the opposition. You must struggle to enact your ruinous policies in the face of men like Tom Daschle, women like Diane Feinstein, and even from House members of your own party. You must accept defeat after defeat after defeat. You must reap the whirlwind after the passage of your tax cut. It is your economy now, George. You can no longer blame Clinton, the last duly elected President of the United States. You have destroyed Social Security and Medicare, George. There will be a reckoning.

How are your daughters, George? Are they enjoying the spotlight? It must gall you to see them caricatured and pilloried in the public prints, to hear of the pictures of them on the internet that show them naked and splayed in the lewdest of positions. Can you, for one second, imagine what it was like to be Clinton now? His wife was called a thief and a murderer, and his daughter was called a whore. There was even a call by a writer from the National Review for Chelsea be killed because her last name is Clinton. I am sure a part of you rejoiced at these attacks. Now that the knives are turned upon you and your family, do you have any regrets?

The country does not want your faith-based help, George, nor does it want the discriminatory baggage it carries. The country does not want your tax cut. The country does not want your missile defense plan. The country does not want your energy plan. The country does not want you, George. The country gave the majority of the votes to the other guy, a majority that is swelling even now as reports of ill-functioning voting machines in poor districts come out into the open.

You are not wanted, George, but you might have been able to squeak by. The pundits said you were going to have to display remarkable leadership to overcome the disputed election. America is a forgiving nation, George. Nobody hurled rocks and threw firebombs here when you were raised on high. We like the peaceful prosperity Clinton left us, and were not ready to tear it all apart. America sat back and waited to see what you would do.

You have failed. You are not a leader. The honor you purport to espouse and represent is yet another of your lies. You have awakened a slumbering beast, George. We rose up once and tore down Johnson. We rose up and tore down Nixon. We changed the face of this country with our righteous rage. For many years we slumbered, unsettled but still. Your coming has birthed us again.

We come for you, George. You wanted it so badly that you took it, and now you must face us. We are legion. There shall be a reckoning, George. Woe unto you because of it. As God is my witness, there shall be a reckoning.

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