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They Will Destroy You and Your Nation
July 12, 2001
by Ken Alford

Remember when Hillary charged Bill's opponents as being part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy"? A recent article by Chris Mooney in the news magazine, "The American Prospect", has reminded us once again of the depth and degree to which talk radio and the conservative media will go to destroy a "perceived" enemy.

This time, it is Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. Mr. Mooney quotes Dave Boyer of the conservative Washington Times, citing GOP sources as saying, "Congressional Republicans are waging a concerted attack on Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, highlighting his inexperience at the helm in part to undermine any presidential aspirations he entertains."

Later Mr. Boyer quotes his sources: "Republicans acknowledge privately that the effort is coordinated and serves two purposes: to highlight their priorities by focusing on one Democratic 'bogeyman' and to bruise the political career of a media-savvy opponent with few glaring weaknesses yet for 2004."

As usual, most of the right-wing character assassinations and political hatchet jobs start with talk radio and characters like Rush Limbaugh. In fact, Limbaugh was so incensed by Mr. Mooney's charges, he addressed the issue on one of his recent shows.

What does it all mean? First of all, they are still gloating and cannot hide their glee that they were successful in "destroying" the Clintons. They feel they can destroy anyone they set their sights upon. They only set their sights upon anyone that they feel may be a threat to their established power.

Their starting point is talk radio, with propagandists like Limbaugh, who dictates to the peons at magazines like the National Journal and The Weekly Standard. They network from there through the right-wing internet sites, like Newsmax, Lucianne, and FreeRepublic.

Is it coordinated or are all right-wingers simply on the same wavelength? From the Internet, they hit all the right-wing television "political" shows, such as those on Fox TV and MSNBC. All the while, they criticize Dan Rather and the "liberal media", as if they are only responding in kind to those "liberals." They must feel like they have the country by the balls and they can do anything they want.

Will they be successful in "destroying" Tom Daschle? Will they go after his wife? Will they find something in his past that Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, and Chris Matthews can find reprehensible enough to report for several days or weeks? Will it be sexual in nature? Will Rush Limbaugh continue to attack him on his radio show? Why is it important?

Why? Because they have seized control of the means of communication in this country. It doesn't matter if the NY Times and the Washington Post want to pretend that they have influence. In this propaganda war, they don't. It is the right-wing propaganda system that allowed the "coup" in the last election.

It was they that portrayed Al Gore as a "habitual liar" as they permitted the "Great Pretender" a free ride. It was they that insisted Al Gore concede before all the votes were counted. It was they that painted the Florida Supreme Court as "liberal" mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. It was they that did not trust the "people" to count the votes. It was they that gave us our incompetent, corporate, candy-ass President.

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