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A Message to the World
July 2, 2001
by Whyzayker

On June 11th, 2001 Timothy McVeigh was executed for what is described as the worst act of domestic terrorism in American history. McVeigh was a man who was so convinced that his government had become so corrupt, so oppressive that he felt he had to commit the most horrific act of violence ever by a man against his own countrymen and women as well as 19 children. And, of course, many of Americans sat glued to their TV's while the media broadcast countdown after countdown.

All the major media, especially the 24 hour services like CNN tripped over themselves to rebroadcast the same interviews, the same pictures of the prison and the same remarks by survivors until folks could recite them by heart. If you were watching TV over the weekend it was pretty much all you heard about. Over and over. And over. Don't get me wrong, this guy committed a horrible crime, but the media seemed to have been hell bent that this was all we talked or cared about. They made a poor disturbed little man a celebrity. Which is exactly what he wanted.

Now from the "oh no, there he goes again" dept. - anybody know what else happened on June 11th? That's right. His Royal Smugness headed off to Europe to do whatever he could to embarrass us all abroad, smirking and shirking our allies. Over and over. Ari and Dick must have changed their shorts many times during the press conference in Spain.

But there was something I noticed in what coverage was available. You could see the protests on TV and you could read about them in the newspaper. Why is it okay for these protests to receive coverage but the ones here at home are regulated to "First Amendment Zones" and omission from the media? Why is it okay for the Europeans to have their voices heard but we here at home, the people who have to deal with this numbskull, have had our voices stifled? Why am I asking such a stupid question? I am convinced after Dubya's "Yes, I Really Am An Idiot Tour" that Europe has a better handle on freedom of the press than we do.

Since that dark, rainy and ominous day in January, there have been protests everywhere President Happy Meal has appeared. Some have been small and some have been quite large. But the media has ignored all of them. Even when thousands participated on May 19th in Washington D.C. and San Francisco for the VoterMarch demonstration, there was nothing on the airwaves. (Those of us here at the kept looking that day.) Yet, the media feel safe in broadcasting what little they do of the European protests. They don't seem to realize they are contributing to the isolationism that the rest of the world sees Hop-along Bushie perpetuating. Y'see, the Europeans have the same access to our news via the Internet as we do to theirs!

Those of us who've been looking know that our allies have had Junior pegged as a threat if not an imbecile from long before he was appointed. However, based upon our own mainstream media, they must think we're just fine with this pre-school politician. If they were to see all the polls that have been "freeped," which the corporate-owned sheep masquerading as "journalists" air on their broadcasts and post on their web sites, we think Bush-Lite is doing just fine. They think we're just like him! They think we're more obsessed with an execution which "most Americans support" than we are of the fact that we have an illegitimate president. Our allies know more about what happened in Florida than many Americans do for the simple fact that real journalists like Greg Palast have had to go to the U.K. to do their job.

Although I would NEVER condone the evil which Tim McVeigh wrought upon the innocent that day in April six years ago, was his basic view towards the government correct in some ways? Selection 2000 was corrupt. The Supreme Court's decision was corrupt. Although McVeigh was angry before Jr. got a new job from his poppy I'll always wonder if he was a Bushie or not. If he was, well, that would explain why they were in such a hurry to put him to sleep. Regardless, there will always be unanswered questions around these terrible acts. The explosion, the execution, as well as the Supreme Court's standing in for the voters of Florida.

But there I go digressing again. I guess what I've wanted to say for a long time is this:

To the world, our allies, our international neighbors, Please don't let this little man do more damage to our relationships, which have been established and nurtured for many years before he ever showed up. Please try to remember while he tortures your language and ours that most of America did not vote for him. He does not speak for the majority of us. Most of us here are victims of a biased court that simply gave him a job when no one else would. Trust us, Texas is glad to be rid of him. They are still busy cleaning up his mess and now we all will be faced with the same task in three and a half years.

We know he makes you angry. But put yourself in our shoes. We have to live with his ineptitude. We have to live with the embarrassment. We have to live with his smirk and giggle routine. I have to tell you, it's not easy. Try to picture, if you would, a once proud and respected couple being mortified because their two-year-old thinks it's funny to fart in church. That's America today. Oh, sure, we have some "relations" who think he's just cute as the dickins. However, us grown-ups know better. Please, please, please bear with us.

And don't believe what our media is saying. See, they don't go after the truth anymore. They don't have the "bollocks" to stand up to their corporate owners who tell them what the truth is for the day.

So, to our friends and allies, please just pat him on the head and send him on his way. Oh, and by the way, lock up the liquor cabinet. We don't trust him either.

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