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JUNE 2001

How Curious George Got His Name June 30, 2001
George the Chimp is having a barrel of monkeys pretending to be President of the United States. by Art Bushwald

Barefoot and Pregnant June 30, 2001
Did it ever occur to Russell Yates that the pressures converging on his wife were overwhelming her? by birdman

Comparing Apples to Peanuts June 30, 2001
There is a serious difference between the Clinton and Bush presidencies. by Lois Erwin

Hoodlum Hypocrisy June 29, 2001
America, land of the free and home of the brave. Yeah, sure. by John Cory

What Lies Beneath? June 28, 2001
Only a fool would believe that the judicial branch of our government is free from the taint of political influence. by William Rivers Pitt

PR Schemes June 28, 2001
Bush trying to sell to those he considers "weak" - and it's not working. by J. Bosetti

Bush's Spindoctors and Ho-Hum-O's June 27, 2001
Here's a theory - most HMOs are just no damn good. by Maren L. Hickton

Are Conservatives Afraid of the Dark? June 26, 2001
There are people out there who would beat their own testicles with a rock before turning off a single light switch. by Carol Schiffler

The Rotting Reputation of Ronald Reagan, Part Two: The Legacy of Deception and Division June 26, 2001
Ronald Reagan was nothing less than the carrier of a political plague that had stricken our nation. by Neuvocat

The Empire Smokes Crack June 23, 2001
Where would we be without... Star Wars? by Astarho

My Biased Opinion June 23, 2001
I live in Arizona, the land of John McCain... and he is what I would like to discuss. by EFF BrandyWine

Equal Time with Bob Boudelang June 23, 2001
He's back! This week's rebuttal: Gun Nuts Are Not As Dangerous As Gun Control Any Day, so there!

The Case For Unity June 22, 2001
Voting for a third-party presidential candidate is a wasted vote at best. by Jonathan Lilienkamp

At Dawn, The Teachers Rise June 21, 2001
If you need a hero, an example to emulate, look to my compatriots. by William Rivers Pitt

Farewell, Strom June 21, 2001
Now that the Democrats have taken control of the Senate, Strom Thurmond may resign his seat as early as July. by Birdman

Who Planned This Debacle? June 20, 2001
If we are to believe the pundits and the apologists, this was a rather successful trip for George W. Bush. by Ken Alford

Delirium At The Frat House June 16, 2001
New Haven, 1968. The boys of Deke House are discussing their future... by Art Bushwald

2004 - It's Not About Gore, It's About Us June 16, 2001
To lose the next election by a landslide is the legacy George W. Bush deserves. by Desiree Lindsay

Hate And The GOP June 16, 2001
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the connection between hate groups and the GOP? by Nick Wride

Equal Time with Bob Boudelang June 15, 2001
In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we've decided to devote some space to the conservative viewpoint.

Peddling Paranoia June 15, 2001
WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah sells paranoia - and does quite well out of it. by Birdman

What Difference Does It Make? June 14, 2001
My opinion on what Senate Democrats need to do next. by D. Hawk 

Another Innocent Victim June 14, 2001
I want my little girl to remain innocent. Is that too much to ask? by James Jones

Fill 'Er Up With The Usual June 14, 2001
Now they have the Senate, Democrats should be investigating the oil companies. by Kurt Kurowski

George Goes To Spain, A Photostory June 13, 2001
Little George takes his first trip to Europe. by EarlG

"The One-Terminator" June 13, 2001
Coming soon to a theater near you. Produced by D. Osborne

Dubya's First 100 Days as Baseball Commissioner June 12, 2001
The job he really wanted. by Anonymous

Earthspeak - A Jovian Vista June 12, 2001
Observations of deep-space-object (DSO) "Earth" have shown that considerable problems exist among it's inhabitants. by Jorge Root

Government As Civilization June 11, 2001
It is civilization that defines us, that allows us our dreams, that makes us Americans. by Marcello A. Canuto

A Question Of Sanity June 9, 2001
Criminal, or criminally insane? An argument against the death penalty. by Maren L. Hickton

Mister, I Hear You June 9, 2001
Fight greed, cure poverty. by Nelson Addison

What A Difference 212 Years Makes June 9, 2001
With all we see and hear from Washington today, isn't it amazing to realize how far we have come? by JM

Thanks, Trent! June 8, 2001
Now that the grown-ups are back in charge of the Senate, it's time to say... Thanks, Trent! by Steven C. Day

Bafflegap, Doublespeak and Yackity-Yack June 7, 2001
A frank discussion of spokesman Ari Fleischer's redeeming qualities. by Susan Sigandres

Just Think... June 6, 2001
We must form a more perfect union. by Sandra Skolnik

Alice in W-Land June 5, 2001
Little Alice, bored with her lessons, decided to take a stroll through a nearby meadow... by Art Bushwald

Dr. Short, Clinical Psychologist June 5, 2001
I am a clinical psychologist, specializing in the treatment of affluent, conservative politicians. by Dr. Peter Short, PhD

The Emancipation of Moderate Republicans June 4, 2001
Maybe Bush should heed the words of his favorite President, Abraham Lincoln. by Maren L. Hickton

The Bogus POTUS Factor June 2, 2001
We're going to have to come to grips with the fact that the election debacle did not take place in a vacuum. by D. Osborne

The Edumication of the President June 2, 2001
The Bush Administration needs the complete set of U.S. Constitution Cliff Notes. by JM

Growing Pains June 2, 2001
We can at least hold Bush to the same standards he wants to apply to the American people. by Kurt Kurowski

Subliminable Messages June 1, 2001
The 2004 Presidential campaign is underway - and this memo is proof. intercepted by Jesse Berney