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Hoodlum Hypocrisy
June 29, 2001
John Cory

"All the truth in the world
Adds up to one big lie.

- Things Have Changed, by Bob Dylan

Remember when Chris Matthews kept showing that moving van at the White House and spewing his spittle about the Clintons loading up the truck and making a big haul? About how they were stealing everything, like - THEIR OWN FURNITURE - that is now being returned? Returned quietly without media mention?

And Ari Fleischer. Remember? He kept saying the vandalism was criminal and destructive and really, really bad? And then those horrible photos of the "damage" done to the White House? (Well maybe not the White House but somewhere close by. But they did have to spend $2,000 for new keyboards. Except that OfficeMax donated computer keyboards and W keys, so what did the White House buy? And why hasn't OfficeMax had those keyboards returned if the White House did not accept them?)

The airwaves thundered and the mainstream media cried "foul!" The Clintons were looting the "people's house." Headlines, op-eds, magazine articles, FOX, MSNBC - the giant networks went to town on this despicable behavior. Arkansas trash are pulling up the moving van and just taking everything that isn't nailed down. My god, the horror!

In the meantime Little GW sent out the following letter:

Dear GOP Donors and Corporate Sponsor,

You May Already Be a Winner!

If your check stubs contain the words, "Republican" or "RNC" or "Bush" - you may have already won!

Stop by my new residence (a big white house in D.C.) and ask for Karl or Dick. They will review your check stubs against our prize list and inform you of your actual winnings.

Don't delay! Act now and you will receive judicial coverage as a bonus for all your support. We can make the law fit your profit picture no matter what threats you face from inappropriate lawsuits.

Thanks for the cash and don't forget - You May Be A Winner - just like me!

Okay - so I made it up. But where is the outrage of the media and the Democrats? Talk about looting the White House and vandalizing America!

  • Bush is fundraising with the tobacco industry while the Justice Department is negotiating a possible settlement. No conflict of interest there.

  • Former Bush energy partners and contributors influence energy policy appointments and threaten FERC while price gouging consumers in California and other states.

  • Karl Rove meets with Intel prior to a merger needing government support. Intel gets the okay and Rove forgets he has Intel stock to sell off until after the price goes up because of the merger he helped.

  • Paul O'Neill refuses to dump his Alcoa stock until he manages to make upwards of $60 million in profits.

  • Dick Cheney meets in secret to form energy policies but sees no reason for Americans to fear anything. It's really none of their business how government works.

  • The GOP trashes Sen. Jeffords for switching parties while failing to mention that Bush (as president) went to one of the Carolinas to get a Democrat to switch his party so the GOP could control the state legislature. This from the guy who "trusts the people" and wants the federal government out of local affairs.

  • Turns out Dick Cheney and Haliburton were doing business with Iraq when it was supposed to be a no-no. Just an oversight. The CEO Cheney didn't know what his company was doing.

Corporations, special interests, lobbyists, and anyone with enough cash get into this White House to collect benefits, and nobody seems to care. The Democrats don't want to investigate because it might anger Ari Fleischer, Dan Burton, Tom DeLay and the rest of the immoral munchkins who are not only CONTINUING Clinton investigations, but are now threatening to subpoena Chelsea Clinton! How disgusting does it have to get?

Look at the current White House greed, lies, immorality, and unctuous self-service buffet. Take a gander at the spineless congressional "checks and balances" that are supposed to protect the people. Throw in the GOP Supreme Court that chooses family values while ignoring the Constitution. Don't forget the self-indulgent press and media, sucking up to anyone who will give them high ratings and big salaries with lots of screen time.

Now you have the picture of America today - America, land of the free and home of the brave. Yeah sure.

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