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PR Schemes
June 28, 2001
J. Bosetti

I'm probably not the first person to mention this...

During the course of my photo projects (as well as viewing the news in general) I have noticed that in each and every one of Dubya's bullshit "reaching out to minorities" PR ventures, it is always with black children under the age of ten. How about you - have you noticed this?

During the course of my academic life (as well as just everyday observation) I have also noticed that at this age, children on the "low-end of the socioeconomic ladder" really have no concept of who or what the "preznit" actually is, or why this funny-talking white-dude is calling them to him like he's Santa Claus. They were probably told they would be on TV.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that starting around the age of fourteen, most black teenagers not only have a general idea of who and what the "prenzit" is, they are also able to trace their lot towards him, and the government as a whole.

They are able to reason enough about economic policy and how Washington's policies relate to the fact that they live in totally shit neighborhoods, and why (despite all the rants about being a bunch of "leeches via the welfare system") there are no jobs available, or why those jobs that are available do not pay enough to support a single person - let alone a family.

Yes - there are always the factors of personal responsibility and accountability, but it's hard to put these virtues to the test when you live in a society that's designed to systematically screw you, no matter what.

Dubya is scared shitless of these people because he knows that they will - at the very least - spit in his face. Someone in the Whitey House figured that they could appeal to them via their children (because the Powell appointment isn't working).

The truth is it's just another one of Dubya's schemes to get the "minority vote" because he too knows that this past election was a crock. White America, wake the fuck up: black folks are NOT STUPID. They know damn well what it's all about, despite what you seem to think.

On the other side of his and Rove's schemes are trips to nursing homes and PR photo shoots, all with Dubya and his arm draped around some guy who's probably one of Strom Thurmond's first voters. In this case, it's the health care and prescription drug plans that he and my former governor Tommy Thompson are trying to inflict upon us.

The bottom line: He's making these trips to get much needed votes for 2004. He's trying to sell people (those that he seems to think are mindless and weak) on his schemes because NO ONE ELSE WILL BUY IT!

Dubya: Knock it off. We all know that you are completely full of shit. Take Rove, his corporate Gestapo and your coloring books with your glorified white trailer-trash ass back to Texas. The Oval-office is not a day care center.

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