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My Biased Opinion
June 23, 2001
by EFF BrandyWine

First let me make it perfectly clear that I am, and always have been, a Democrat and I make no apology for my liberalism. I support liberal causes and although I must admit while in my early years I paid less attention to politics in general, I now pride myself on being extremely well-informed.

On occasion I have voted for Republicans in local elections when their views tallied with my own but I have always voted my party line in national elctions, primarily because I feel strongly about our party's platforms.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, the land of Hubert Humphrey, and now live in Arizona, the land of John McCain... and he is what I would like to discuss.

Senator McCain and I do not agree on a wide variety of issues but I have always admired him for his service to our country and his great sacrifice as a prisoner of war. I am appalled by the rhetoric being used against him by some members of his 'constituency' who are attempting to circulate a petition demanding his recall.

So what did he do that generates such venom? The 'maverick' senator had the gall to vote against the Bush tax cut, citing it favored those who need it the least and left out the ones who need it the most.( An absolute truth.) Never mind the fact that the bill would pass without his aye vote.

He also tarnished himself by putting his name on the Patient's Rights bill with the dreaded Kennedy and another upcoming Democrat, John Edwards! And on top of that he just refuses to stop talking about campaign finance reform. How incredibly insensitive of him to march to his own drumbeat and out of lockstep with members of his OWN PARTY!

There are those who say he is only doing it to embarrass George W. (But considering that Bush does pretty well on his own I would discount that.), but McCain has consistently voted with the leadership... check his voting record. And while we're about it perhaps the 'recallers' should check the state constitution to determine legality and talk to Governor Hull who has stated she would never sign a recall if it got that far.

The way to express disillusion and displeasure with a candidate is to vote for someone else when he comes up for re-election. I admire independence and as a fair minded person I applaud Senator McCain's stance on these issues. Someone has to stand up to the hard and rancorous right and sometimes it might even be a Republican!

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