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Who Planned This Debacle?
June 20, 2001
by Ken Alford

If we are to believe the pundits and the apologists, this was a rather successful trip for the new pResident. The truth is, it was a foreign debacle. Although Vladimir cautioned Dubya about unilaterally deploying a space defense program, their meeting was still described as cordial and successful. After all, he was not "mooned" by 2000 protesters and no one threw any more rocks at him... and no policemen were injured or protesters shot. He did not have to slide through any more back doors.

Before his trip, the Europeans thought of Mr. Bush as an ignorant, arrogant, right-wing cowboy. After his trip, all their suspicions have been confirmed. One must wonder, who were the "geniuses" that planned this disaster of a trip? Not only has the pResident lost stature in Europe, but he lost a lot of political capital and support here at home.

About the only support he has now seems to be coming from the "freepers" and the "lucianne rumor mongers". One can only imagine the bloodbath in the Republican Party if his poll numbers do not go back up or if the Republicans lose the House in next year's election. They simply do not have the desire or the capacity to unite - it is not in their character. They will look for someone to blame.

So, what does he do now? Does he circle the wagons and defend Rove, O'Neil and the rest of the "honor and integrity" in this White House? Or does he continue on his right-wing jihad? Some would guess that he would have to veto a bill - perhaps the patients bill of rights - in order to show the country and his supporters that he is still in control of the agenda.

They are in a state of denial - even though the mainstream press is trying to keep the life-support system working. The trip to Europe was just another nail in the coffin. We can only imagine what kind of reception he would have gotten if he had visited Germany, France, and Britain?

Of course, his poll numbers were dropping before he went on his little trip across the pond. His foreign policy experts told him that foreign trips always bring your "numbers" up. Oh, but they never look at poll numbers. Yessiree! It's good that the "adults are back in charge."

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