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Hate And The GOP
June 16, 2001
by Nick Wride

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the connection between hate groups and the GOP? As far as I've been able to research, every hate group on the 'Net supports the GOP. From the white supremacist and anti-Jew groups, to the anti-gay sites, the laughingly called "pro-life" groups, the Limbaugh Looney's of every kind imaginable, all the Limbaugh clones, the radical anti-environment groups, pretty much the A to Z of hate groups.

They all have one thing in common. They all support the GOP and, of course, the appointed president, GW Bush.

For example:

The radical anti-gay group, led by Fred Phelps, of the Westboro Babtist Church, supports the murder of gays and shows up at the funerals of gays with posters claiming "God says kill fags" and "AIDS is God's punishment for queers". The simple fact that these people would disrupt the funeral of anyone and add to the grief of friends and family is appalling. Add to this, that Phelps is the Pastor of the Westboro Babtist Church, and the disgust quickly builds. Phelps and his organization also supported Bush and the GOP.

The radical anti-abortion group, Lambs of Christ, among many others, use the Bible to justify the murders of doctors and clinic workers. They celebrate murder. Whatever your position on abortion is, murdering doctors and workers is not the answer.

Right wing hate radio, led by the Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of his clones talk for hours each day to their faithful listeners and preach hatred for people of differing viewpoints. Of course, these hate radio hosts support the GOP.

Internet Web forums, such as and feature some of the most hate filled bile I've ever seen in print. The right wing posters on these sites think Bush is the Second Coming, every word that Limbaugh and "Dr." Laura puke out is Gospel, that anything Liberal is evil and godless. A few posters to NewsMax consider Timothy McVeigh to be a hero and a patriot, not a murdering scumbag. A good many of these racist, homophobic nutbags think that they are the only true Americans. Anyone who is not hard-line, right-wing Christian, must be a communist.

Speaking of right-wing Christians, hucksters of Holiness like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell preach hatred for anyone who sees a differing point of view than they do. They are very subtle about it but it is hatred and intolerance.

Hopefully, someday in the near future, these hate-mongering bigots will fracture the Republicans and the moderates will take back the party.

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