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Peddling Paranoia
June 15, 2001
by Birdman

"A patsy is getting executed today for the deaths of 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1996. And an accomplice - the U.S. government - is getting away with murder."

Those were the words of World Net Daily head man, Joseph Farah, on the day of the Timothy McVeigh execution. Of course Farah gets the year wrong. It occurred in 1995 and may explain why Farah claims that he's never seen Washington in such a rush to kill someone. Farah goes on to repeat some of the conspiratorial craziness that inevitably surrounds events like this (hell, the release of the Pearl Harbor brought back that old story about Roosevelt having the "Day of Infamy" speech tucked away in his drawer for weeks before getting to use it).

But for Farah this is just business. He sells paranoia. And his website does quite well doing so. So according to Farah the bomb squad was on hand even before the bomb went off, many government employees were absent from work that day (so of course they were tipped off), there were other bombs at the site, etc. Farah provides no real evidence for these statements but he doesn't have to. He never has to. His reading audience or at least a significant portion of them are predisposed to believe any anti-government propaganda that he puts out.

Farah's publication spent two years beating the drum about the Y2K bug. But, of course, in the WND mindset it wasn't a mere computer glitch that could screw up your aged trial balance report. Oh no. It was the perfect excuse for the government to declare martial law and eliminate the patriotic Americans who read WND. Consequently Farah and his dedicated staff were selling the survival necessities for hiding out in the wilderness until the coast was clear. When the bug was a dud he didn't even apologize for fanning the flames and panicking his already unstable readership, after all better safe than sorry.

WND has a sizable pantheon of villains all of whom pose a clear and present danger to the freedom of every American. The United Nations tightens its grip on the unsuspecting U.S. every day. Bill Clinton not only ordered the IRS to investigate Farah and his Western Journalism Center, he also had no intention of leaving office and was going to have Janet Reno help him seize permanent power (how America keeps barely escaping martial law is a mystery). The U.S. military is, of course, a part of the conspiracy and is being trained to wage urban warfare on American citizens (immediately after taking their guns) on a regular basis. And if you're skeptical - don't worry. Farah will sell you books that explain it all.

Militia groupie Claire Wolfe, who thinks that the time is coming for people like her to "shoot the bastards," is an employee of Farah's. (I have a funny feeling that I and a lot of other DU readers might be some of the bastards).

One of his best buddies is litigious fanatic, Larry Klayman, who had a decent scam going on during the Clinton years by filing nuisance lawsuits against Clinton and his administration. In return for filing the suits Klayman would collect money from grateful right-wingers who thought they going to finally see justice done even as Klayman legal losses mounted up. When Clinton left office you would think that Klaymans gambit would have gone with him. But suing is all Larry knows (hey, he once sued his mother) and he's even filed a couple against the Bush administration lately.

As easy as it is to laugh at the Farahs and Klaymans (and they richly deserve it) it is exactly the kind of idiocy that emanates every day from WND that creates people like McVeigh to begin with.

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