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What A Difference 212 Years Makes
June 9, 2001
by JM

With all we see and hear from Washington today, all the action and all the inaction, isn't it amazing to realize how far we have come in 212 years since the signing of our Constitution? In the days of the Continental Congress men considered traitors by their home country sweated under threat of war to create a new republic free of repression and persecution. In those days men had the courage to stand for their convictions and serve the public to the best of their ability. While notable disagreements existed between the colonies, men who served our nation's interests worked through long arduous hours to hammer out a framework that we, and other nations worldwide, have come to realize is the most flexible and fair system of government on the planet.

Were these men hypocrites? Many, yes. While freedom was our noble pursuit, it was clearly not for everyone as documented by our own Constitution and subsequent Amendments. Were these men perfect? Likely not. They were human and subject to human error as we all are. When held for scrutiny under Liberty's light, however, the men who wrote and signed the U.S. Constitution operated with a common goal and a common civility to serve the fledgling republic's citizens.

In case you missed it, let me repeat that last part.

The men who wrote and signed the U.S. Constitution operated with a common goal and a common civility to serve the fledgling republic's citizens.

What a difference we see in 212 years. With the continuing stream of corruption and general lack of moral character in both parties, we have the wholesale purchase of government offices on many levels. The average citizen can no longer afford, financially or personally, to run for office. What was once considered a noble profession has now fallen to the depths of ridicule and spite on every level. What once founded our nation has now turned it's very citizens into the largest free gathering of cynicism an dpessimism on the planet.

Perhaps we have not come far at all, rather we have slipped perilously close to that which we escaped in 1776. Perhaps all members of our governments from Federal to local need to be reminded that they are in a position of Public Service.

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - Thomas Jefferson

America, and particularly our U.S. government, you are staring at a D+ that no amount of national testing will fix. We need to not only rethink our own roles in our government as citizens, but our interactions with our fellow citizens. No matter how we view our opposition, we must remember that without the hard work and civility displayed by the Continental Congress, we would not be here today. What worked then must work now if we are to regain the core strength that once made this country a beacon to the world. On the Fourth of July, sometime during your parade and cookout filled day, take one moment to recall what the holiday represents and be sure to pass it on in the hopes of a better future. I know I will.

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