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Let Them Eat Crumbs
May 31, 2001
by Ken Alford

"It's not the government's money - it's the people's money." If that is true, then why did these jokers in the House and Senate give most of it away to their wealthy contributors and benefactors? Why did 1% get 36% of the tax cut when they only contributed 22% into the pot? Why should working people and the middle class even pay taxes at all if these clowns are simply going to give it away?

It is true that the wealthy can afford their own health insurance, their own roads, their own schools, and even their own security guards. However, most of us cannot afford to live in gated communities. We must pool our monies together if we want roads, schools, hospitals, police, etc. That is why we pay taxes.

Everybody loves a tax cut. True, most of us will spend the $300 - $600 and never think twice about what it would have bought if it had been invested. We could have paid down the national debt - the best tax cut of all. We could have invested in a prescription drug plan for our senior citizens. We could have put Social Security and Medicare on a more solid footing. We could have improved our schools. But now, that is gone.

Like Judas, we have sold our souls for a measly thirty pieces of silver. We know that the economy is not going to grow as it has in the last 8-10 years. The technology revolution is over. The revenues are not going to be there. Deficits are closer than we think. We will pay back our $300 a hundredfold.

Like the 1981 taxcut, there will be spending cuts and there will be revenue increases. Remember when you were able to deduct your credit card interest? Remember when you didn't have to pay taxes on your unemployment checks? Remember when they applied the 50% tax on income of some Social Security recipients? Those were brought about by the 1981 taxcut. Is that what we have to look forward to once again?

Personally, I pay taxes so we can improve the lot of everyone in our country - not just the wealthy. I resent the President and Congress giving away my hard-earned tax dollars. I would prefer a social safety net for the baby-boomers when we retire. I would prefer a prescription drug plan. I would prefer more money spent on education. I do not prefer giving all our money away to those at the very top.

It is not socialism. It is that we choose to have certain necessities for our citizens and we are willing to pool our monies to pay for it. Our health is more important than this taxcut. "It is the people's money" - but not just 1% of the people. Those tax dollars are there for all of us because we desire to have a better life for ourselves and our children. They are not there for the pleasure of the top 1%. The wealthy are quite happy already, thank you. Here, take another crumb and be happy. Enjoy.

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