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Senators, Man Your Battle Stations!
May 31, 2001
by Jorge Root

Senators, Man Your Battlestations!

"This is not a drill - man your battle stations"

The voice was always so monotone, it made Ari Fleischer sound like a twelve note chromatic scale. You didn't have to hear it twice, you knew it was the real thing. You reacted and you reacted NOW because lives were depending on your performance, your answer to the threat at hand.

That's how it is aboard a naval warship. It is easy to marvel at the sudden change that takes place at the call to battle. There are people running in what appears to be all directions. Looking closer you see they are moving in well defined directions, up and forward on the starboard side and down and aft on the port side, some are fully dressed with battle gear and some are partially dressed with the helmet or life-jacket on and trying to don the rest while navigating the scurrying mass of people. Be assured all will be fully dressed by the time the particular battle station is reached and at which, that person is king. Only parts of a minute pass when you look around and what seemed like total confusion now shows a well manned warship, standing tall and proud, ready to do battle.

Now the battle call is being made to the Democratic senators and they must step up and answer this call. There will be no announcement over the PA system and we don't expect them to react like our sailor friends abourd the ship I mentioned. No helmets, no life-jackets, no heroism. Just some good old common sense and backbone. Formulate a plan and execute it. Do what you were elected to do, represent your constituency, stand up and fight.

I would say that Jeffords was the catalyst for this battle, but things will change for him so it is probably more accurate to call him the fuse. How long of a fuse is yet to be seen. The explosion is sure to happen, it is just a matter of when.

Surely most people would look at the Jeffords move and think the republicans would take it as a lesson learned. Not so. Not only are they having a difficult time admitting they dropped the ball, they now threaten to continue at an even more rigorous pace with their right-wing agenda. Andrew Card is taking responsibility. Sure thing Andy, no way should we expect our president to be smart enough to know that when you threaten someone's career and person, you make an enemy. And here's another bulletin: enemies usually get even. Card went on to say he will have to keep his ears closer to the railroad tracks. Hate to tell you this, but the train wreck already happened.

Back to our battle stations and what is really bothering me. I want to say this only once so please pay attention and YES, I am addressing each and every Democratic senator. I will put it in as simple terms as I can so everyone can follow along.

We are at the real crossroads of this administration. This is our big chance and maybe our only chance to turn back this right-wing movement that has proven to be a major embarrassment to the American people. I for one am tired of being the laughing stock of the rest of the free world, tired of watching these sickos set the stage for what will surely backfire in ten or so years, just at a time when we will most need a smooth transition for the baby boomers to retire gracefully. I am sick of the threats to the environment, artificially high energy prices and most of all sick of being treated like I just fell off a turnip truck. Whatever that means.

You see, it doesn't matter what part of the country you are from nor does it matter what type of people you represent. I am pleading with you on behalf of baby boomers, homeowners, ex-hippies, and even Kool Aid-drinking-all-day-TV-watching-Moon-Pie-eating-death-grip-on-the remote-Taco Bell-at-midnight-average-john-and-jane-citizens. Please stand up to this filth in Washington, and rid us of the hatred, the contempt and most of all this I-will-get-even-with-Clinton jerk. You must fight with everything you have. Use your windfall advantage of Senate control and start investigations, send only selective items to the floor, fight anything and everything the repugs stand for and forget about bipartisanship. They have.

Please, no more bedtime stories for me. From now on the house is on fire and we have to put it out. No more going home each evening, relaxing in your La-Z-boy and planning your retirement. Instead, spend each moment of your aware life figuring out how to ruin a Republican. If you shirk your duty or evade your responsibility you had better prepare for the worst because that's exactly what the repugs will dish out. For them this is not a crap shoot, they have a plan and they are sticking to it.

Please do not leave us in a wheel-of-fortune world where government is dysfunctional, reality is disturbed, human rights are displaced, and life offers no opportunity, no security, and no hope.

If you are thinking I am upset, you're absolutely correct. Upset and worried. My eyes will be on you. Hopefully there will be an improvement in your ambition, your willingness to stand up for what is right. A lack of improvement will only bring me back with another essay, only it will not pull any punches like this one. When I get upset, I don't grab my sword, I grab my pen (today known as a keyboard).

Most of all, never look at me and ask why I didn't warn you of what is going on under our Supreme Court appointed administration. You have been told and I will even go one better. I will get you started on your quest to do battle. The click you just heard was me turning on the PA system.

"This is not a drill - man your battle stations"

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