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Celebrating the Idiot
May 24, 2001
by Whyzayker

"…and to all of you 'C' students - you too can be president." - George W. Bush

He who expects nothing is seldom disappointed - Murphy's Law

I don't believe this. We are celebrating the fact that our "leader" is an idiot. And so is he. Dubya's handlers encourage him to make fun of himself. And some people seem to be okay with this! What the hell is wrong with this picture? What the hell is wrong with people? You… yes, YOU are smarter than the guy in charge of this country. This doesn't bother you?

Oh my God, where do I start? I cannot believe this is happening. The minority has decided that a burned-out spoiled-brat imbecile is better for this country's future than a philanderer who actually gave a damn about you and me. Maybe Bill was selfish when it came to his personal desires but we are now stuck with a doofus who isn't allowed to do much more than be a cheerleader for 8 year old T-Ballers. That and take orders from his Vice President. And this is okay?

Wait a minute; let me try this again. The Media is telling you that you're happier with a guy who cannot think, speak or tell the truth. You are happier with an idiot. You are happier with a puppet. The Media figures if they don't broadcast the boos and cat calls and protests that take place when this national embarrassment appears in public, then you're alright with that. Besides, if they don't broadcast it… it never happened, right?

When Dubya spoke the 'C' sudent quote at Yale last Monday, all the major news broadcasts aired the monstrous cheering that followed. Are you getting this? People cheered when a guy who stole an election stated that you don't have to be smart to be president! Are you listening? To be fair, some stations also aired the round of boos when the little thief received his honorary sash - you would think Karl or Ari or Karen would have insisted that it be shoved in his mouth to reduce "damage control." But, as usual, Corporate Media made sure this idiot looked good. And when he didn't, they told us he did anyway. See, that's their job now.

The Murphy quote sums up what many of the political pundits have been saying from the start. Bush-Lite is doing well in the polls because nobody - even his fellow brethren /vermin - expected much from this loser. Hello? This doesn't bother anybody?

So, in other words, if Jr. doesn't totally screw up then he must be doing a good job, right? Well, if that's the case then why do people think he's doing a good job? He's barely been there for one hundred days and screw up seems to be all he's done! What do you mean that's not what the news says? What the hell are you doing listening to them? They just got done trying to convince you that an idiot is better in the White House than anything else that was offered last year. And a lot of America is buying it! What the hell is wrong with almost everybody? Ya wanna list of screw ups? Fine, here's a few:

1. Jr. and his family and the pond scum they call supporters bent/broke/ignored/eliminated election laws to put this bone-head in office.

2. He lied about being "compassionate."

3. He's pissed off our allies with his Star Wars fantasy and pissed off China over the spy plane/arms to Taiwan routine (hey, did Bill vacation in China recently?)

4. Got us kicked off the Human Rights Commission

5. Masturbated the wealthy with his tax cut plan.

6. Screwed American workers with repetitive motion injuries.

7. Backed off his promise to reduce CO2 emissions (well, don't trees give off CO2…too? Shades of Reagan!)

8. Arsenic

9. Olsen

10. White House "vandalism"

11. The whole world thinks we've got an idiot in charge (they're right).

12. He keeps referring to his "election"(doesn't even he know what happened?)

Well, the list could go on and on. The list will go on and on for the next 3½ years. Well, unless the truth comes out about what happened last November, but I doubt it. I figure we're in for 3½ years of the "liberal press" trying to convince us that stupid is better. I have faith that Dubya will be in the forefront, leading the charge. Well, when he's allowed.

Just ask anybody. As long as George W. Bush doesn't totally screw up… he must be a good president. And if this is true, then it must be okay to give my two year old son the keys to the car. I mean, as long as he doesn't hit anybody or anything...

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