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A High School Liberal
May 21, 2001
by Anonymous

Its not easy being a liberal teenager in a private school in Florida (yes, near Palm Beach). Not easy at all. Whenever someone needs to vent it's the Democrat's fault. Whenever someone is feeling the need to show their moral superiority, the "baby-killer" who wants control of their own body is there. Whenever someone wants to talk about how much they love Bush (girls actually have crushes on him) they go to the person who calls him a "cocaine-sniffing monkey who fell out of the tree" (no offense meant to monkeys). My entire school is playing a game called "lets annoy the liberal" and I'm the bait.

No, I'm not the only Democrat, but I am the only vocal one, and therefore the butt of jokes. I've been reduced to tears, kicked out of study hall (for arguing and refusing to sit down when someone told me that the reason I was pro-choice is because I hated God), ready to compromise my pacifist beliefs by punching someone, and about to bring in a starving child to show these people what happens when your daddy doesn't run a company.

I think that being liberal means that you are always ready to help someone. Giving up whatever you have because you can't stand to see people suffering, while at the same time not wanting to force your beliefs on someone. I am liberal because I could never see someone hurt, and I would never make someone believe something that they would not like to.

I was talking to one of my close friends who is pretty conservative (we became friends after a debate in which we drew a draw). We were discussing (not arguing) the AIDS/HIV situation in many African countries. He basically said; "its not my problem, they shouldn't sleep around." I suggested that if they didn't have enough money to hand out condoms they certainly didn't have enough to educate people, not to mention for the medication needed for these thousands of suffering people.

I think that is really what separates a liberal from a conservative - whether you care about people you don't know or whether it's not your problem. Many people are fed up with today's teenagers, and sometimes I agree, I hate to see how my classmates are so oblivious to others, but there are others scattered through the state and country.

The future Democratic Party is tired of being humiliated, and when our time comes to run this country, we will make sure that no one forgets us.

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