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The Onslaught from the Right
May 18, 2001
by Lois Erwin

I am not, nor have I ever been either a fascist or a communist. But, with the right-wing's exclusive focus, over the years, on the evils of communism, we have not prepared ourselves for the onslaught from the Right that is neo-fascism.

It is not surprising, given the Bush family's historic ties to the Nazi party, up to and even during the early days of World War II, that Bush loyalties trend to the fascistic more than to the communist extremes of politics. But it takes the breath away to see just how aggressively the Bush administration has lunged this country to the Right.

And, consider, they have been in office ONLY FOUR MONTHS. Already, they are stepping up limitations on our rights: the right to be free from religious intimidation in the workplace, for one.

With quiet acquiescence, the Bushies smile on John Ashcroft as he holds daily "voluntary" Pentecostal prayer sessions in the Attorney General's office building, which is United States government territory. How "voluntary" are those Pentecostal prayer sessions? Anyone can attend or not - as he or she pleases - says Ashcroft.

Yeah, right. What ambitious lawyer wishing to look good to his boss, so he can be noticed and, hopefully, do well, can stay away? Even if the intent is not to audition staff lawyers for "loyalty" to Ashcroft and his God, how can one be sure?

In any event, a certain closeness or camaraderie would surely develop to the advantage of the attendees over the non-attendees during these homey little religious meetings. After all, Mr. Ashcroft has demonstrated a lifelong affinity for hanging with "his own kind," whatever that includes.

While we have all been looking to the left for signs of Danger, we are being blindsided from The Right by a nasty grab to put power, money and control firmly in the hands of people who are showing definite symptoms of fascist leanings.

Dictionary definition of fascism:

"A philosophy or system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with an ideology of belligerent nationalism."

Anything sound familiar there?

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