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What Did George W. Bush Do To Protest The Vietnam War?
May 14, 2001
by Lois Erwin

Now, here's a relevant question for you: What did George W. Bush do to protest the Vietnam war? The answer to that is: NOTHING. He wasn't INTERESTED enough to let himself be drafted and participate in the fighting, but he also was not interested enough to see how wrong the war was, and protest it.

Bush just used Daddy's political connections to get himself a cushy job in the Texas Air National Guard where - in spite of his admitted alcohol abuse during those years - got to fly in the skies over Texas in expensive planes. And drink beer with his pals between times. And, then, went AWOL for a year or two.

Now, there's a "real hero" for the comic books.

As John McCain said: While McCain was being tortured and was rotting away in the "Hanoi Hilton" prison in Vietnam, he "felt so much better knowing George W. Bush was guarding the skies over Texas" from Vietnamese invasion, apparently!

The truth is that George W. Bush was a coward who did not have the courage of ANY convictions. He just looked for an easy way out.

He could have cared less about Vietnamese civilians being killed in their own country by our soldiers.

All he cared about was where his next beer was coming from.

AND protecting his own hide.

He was a wimp.

All talk and NO guts.

Why aren't reporters dumping on that loser - George W. Bush?

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