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The Rotting Reputation of Ronald Reagan, Part 1: Prologue to a Lethal Legacy
May 11, 2001
by Neuvocat

The Rotting Reputation of Ronald Reagan, Part 1

It seems that as of the last 20 years especially, the Conservative Republican ethos has eroded from being God-fearing to the more selfish one of "every man for himself," which largely came about as a result of Ronald Reagan, who was nothing less than the carrier of a political plague that had stricken our nation.

Delusion often accompanies sickness and the ones who were infected with such a side effect were the ones who did not have the sort of values and judgment needed to resist it. In their madness they celebrated Reagan as a war hero-although he never served in combat. They also thought that dignity was restored to our nation's capital. It was well known back then that among other things, the Reagan administration took to humiliating people by means of strip-searches just outside the White House - in view of the public - when at best the supposed offenses these people committed were grossly exaggerated (something quite akin to Christie Todd Whitman's frisking scandal floating around these days).

Another vivid example of such scandalous behavior surfaced about when Reagan's Attorney General Edwin Meese documented his pornography hunt in a government publication. Ironically the publication's descriptions of sex acts were so graphic that it became a best seller for smut-hounds everywhere. What began as an assault on civil liberties became an embarrassing backfire that caused grave humiliation to the Reagan Administration.

These diseased minds also thought Reagan made the country a better place to live in, when in fact he compromised the national character in ways that were unprecedented. For one, he perverted of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's tactic of economic stimulation by deficit spending. Reaganomics was no more than a pyramid scheme. Conservatives engaged in the bald-faced lie that they stood for lower taxes when the reality is that Reagan signed the biggest tax increase ever in U.S. History. Bush Sr. signed what was then the second biggest in violation of his "No New Taxes" campaign pledge.

The diseased minds would also like to daydream about a stronger military when in fact he completely compromised its effectiveness as a whole by spending obscene amounts of money on weapons and training that were totally useless or unnecessary. This compromised the lives of many soldiers like the 40 Marines in Lebanon who didn't have enough security to protect them from a suicide-minded terrorist.

Reagan was also a man who turned back the clock when it came to the safety of the populace. He relaxed the rules on the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Federal Aviation Administration with very real and very disastrous results. Reagan also set back research on AIDS, proclaiming it a homosexual disease. Sadly enough Reagan didn't reverse his position even when 14-year-old Ryan White lost his life as a result of being infected with the virus after a blood transfusion. No, it had to take the death of the flamboyant Rock Hudson for Reagan to see how moot sexual orientation was.

He also did much to turn back civil-rights legislation in order to favor white-owned big businesses and split up the poor working class to keep it at odds with itself in very polarized factions. Race relations were set back so dramatically that we're still trying make amends for it more than a decade later.

Those of us who didn't suffer from the widespread dementia still had to deal with the fact that an aging, two-bit actor got elected. We also had to deal with the nausea brought on by the media onslaught, largely devoid of critical thinking and criticism. Our stomachs churned in response to all the anger and hatred that characterized his administration.

Through all this Reagan played his role like he wasn't responsible for anything that ever went wrong. He always said that he was addle-minded and he had been known to believe his own lies quite often. Reagan suffered from his own delusions while he draped himself in the American Flag. It was bound to happen since he used it more as a cloak to hide the guilt and shame. Escaping reality has its price - and in Reagan's it was a tremendous one. He now suffers from Alzheimer's, which he quite possibly could have avoided had he not suspended funding for research.

At this point he probably doesn't even remember ever being President, which some might consider a sign from the Almighty Himself about what He thinks of selfish, self-righteous conservatives.

On to Part 2: The Legacy of Deception and Division

The author wishes to give credit to tsstranger, who gave him the inspiration for the title of this article.

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