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George Will Ya Give Us A Break!
May 2, 2001
by Joe Randazzo

The one thing I can count on each day; the one universal constant I have is that George Will is alive and well and spreading his blather on op-ed pages and talk shows everywhere.

One cannot escape this man; he seems to be everywhere. And he, like Father, knows best. The man is a marvel! He is a master of all and holds the high moral ground on every issue (is that not a Conservative thing?). He is a virtual Buddha when it comes to political, moral, and economic wisdom. In short, Mr. Will is our worst nightmare....George Bush with a vocabulary.

Let me quote from his column on April 28, 2001...

Bush's conservatism is more modest, which means more truly conservative, than Reagan's, because it is subdued by a more severe sense of possibilities...Bush's conservatism is broader than Reagan's because it has a deeper cultural dimension...

What is this gobbledygook??? Does anyone know? Does Mr. Will know? I strongly suspect he is trying to say something here, I just don't know what. Mr. Will further goes on to state...

Bush's foreign policy is still embryonic, but already suggests conservative realism about the limited sway of power over events - even the power of 'the indispensable nation,' as some conservatives in their triumphalism are too pleased to say.

Is "embryonic" a nice way of saying Mr. Bush doesn't know what he is doing in his foreign policy? I think we all know this. Or, at least we're getting the picture more clearly. Mr. Will goes on to criticize the media later in his column stating...

He (Bush) has underestimated (should he have used mis-underestimated?) the problems of governance posed for a Republican by the media's increasing partisanship and decreasing intelligence - witness the gullible and hysterical coverage of environmental matters. However, his remarkable carapace of confidence serves his executive temperment...

I don't know - I keep looking for "the media's increasing partisanship." In my view, this partisanship is to the Right. The only thing I see is Fox News with their extreme slant and the many TV and radio talk show hosts who seem to lean to the right of Attila the Hun. Even CNN and MSNBC enter the la-la land of Faux News on a daily basis.

As to Mr. Bush's "remarkable carapace of confidence," well, let's be real. Mr. Will is essentially comparing Mr. Bush's demeanor to that Emperor who had no clothes.

I think conservatives like Mr. Will are very skilled at clouding and confusing the issues when it comes to media "bias." I think Mr. Will and his ilk would only be happy if all newscasters had a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other and bashed any and all to the left of Rush Limbaugh.

As to the media's "decreasing intelligence," I suspect the media, like the rest of the world, doesn't understand what the hell Mr. Will is writing about either. And of course, Mr. Will, like a good conservative needed to include a jab at former President Clinton in his latest column.

I should think most Americans would display a little hysteria about Mr. Bush's domestic and environmental policies. I think we should all have a healthy fear of this man.

Surely, where there's a Will, there's a way... to get rid of him.

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