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Yo Christie! How much for a wallet-size?
May 1, 2001
by Jorge Root

Yo Christie! How much for a wallet-size?

It takes a lot to shock me but every once in a while something happens that sends me into a complete tailspin.

A feeling comes over me that can only be equaled by some of the feelings I had in the 60's when sex, drugs and rock- and-roll were just about my whole life.

I usually have to sit down or at least hang on to something for fear of falling over. Then the images start flashing past, one after another ... Vietnam, the Grateful Dead, Angela Davis, Kent State, LSD, Abbie Hoffman, Jack Ruby, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and the Doors, campus unrest and on and on ... then the colors, what is going on? Am I re-living Allen Ginsberg guinea-pigging for Timothy Leary and his psilocybin mushrooms?

In a few minutes it is all over and things are back to normal. No, this is not a confession hoping to ward off the devil. It's just the way it is ... the way it is when I hear blockbuster news and it has been happening a lot lately as I read the articles about Christie Todd Whitman and her "Camden Frisk Job."


What was she thinking? In fact what were are a lot of people thinking?

What was Shrub thinking when he hired her? What was congress thinking when they confirmed her? What are the American people thinking for not being outraged?

I know all of you weren't with me in the 60's so you should have enough grey matter to recognize this as one of the most outrageous acts EVER (picture Torricelli slamming his fist) for a public servant.

Am I the only one alive that is outraged? It appears that way. Maybe I have the facts wrong and therefore no reason to be ticked off. Let's look at the facts and if I am wrong, lay it on me.

The suspect was 16 years old, was stopped by a state trooper for "suspicious activity" (can you say 'profiling?'), was illegally detained and frisked by the trooper which resulted in finding no contraband. The suspect was then declared "clean" but not released. The suspect was turned over to Whitman who performed another search. A picture was taken of Whitman doing the search. The picture was intended to be a souvenier for the state trooper and undoubtedly also to be used as proof to win the prize offered by the Captain in charge of the state police. The prize was a week's vacation to any trooper who could photograph Whitman frisking a suspect. And the craziest part, a poster was made from the photograph. What's up with that?

Not only does this type of act take someone who is dumber than a box of hair, the timing couldn't be worse.

As a country, we are struggling with our youth's appetite for taking guns to school and killing innocent students and teachers. We are making some progress in that most people agree that the triggers for these shootings are retaliation for ridicule at the hands of school bullies. Hopefully, it is as simple as, "stop the bullies - stop the shootings".

This outrageous act is no different except that the class bullies in this case are public servants. A state governor and state troopers ridiculing our youth, to the point the pictures make every magazine and website in the world. Simply wonderful.

I really don't know how to deal with this anymore, because everytime I think about it, here comes Dr. Leary again. I can' take anymore.

My conclusion is that maybe these degenrates really only wanted the photograph so they could turn it into a collectors item. Making the poster gives them away. DUH!!!

I better get mine now so I don't miss out. I'll put it right there next to my 1953 Mickey Mantel. So please excuse me while I go do some wheelin-n-dealing with Christie.

Yo Christie - how much for a wallet-size?

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