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A Large Margin of Error
May 1, 2001
by Ken Alford

The reporting of the results of the latest ABC-Washington Post poll is a perfect example of what is wrong with our national media. Every TV station and major newspaper across this nation boldly proclaimed that 63% of the people approved of the job the pResident was doing. However, on a closer analysis, we see that the majority of respondents did not think the present Resident even understood their concerns. The headlines could have read, "Majority of Americans Do Not Think President Understands Problems."

Furthermore, 66% thought it was more important to provide needed services than to cut the size of government. Also, 66% thought the pResident cared more about big business and corporations than about "normal" people. The headlines could have read, "Bush Cares More For Corporations Than People."

We should note that it is not the polls that are faulty. It is not even the results of the polls. It is the "reporting" of the results. From every question in the poll, there was a clear indication that the people did not agree with Bush's policies. By more than 80%, the people polled thought Bush was more interested in "economic growth" and oil exploration than in the environment. The headlines could have said, "Vast Majority Disagree With Bush On Environment."

However, we were told that 63% of the people approve of the job the pResident is doing. Only 32% disapproved. From the job approval question alone, these numbers are to be expected. Even Bill Clinton had high job approval ratings during the height of the McCarthyite impeachment hearings.

Unless Bush is caught in bed with a corpse or a young boy, we can expect his "job approval" to remain high - so long as we have a good economy - even though the obvious conclusion from the poll was that the majority of people do not agree with Bush's priorities and he does not understand the problems of average Americans. The media and the Repugnant Party wish for us to believe that Bush is as popular as their idol, Reagan. But Democrats should not be deceived. This pResident is wading in deep doo-do.

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